That’s What I’m Talking About

ByJoCo September 24, 2007

Joel’s second me-related Hijinks Ensue comic is up, in which I am some kind of zombie killing superhero. Me likey.


arin says

This makes me eccedingly happy. One of my fave. comics and one of my fave music folk:)

SevinPackage says

I like how Joel managed to get zombies and pirates together in one pane. JoCo screams 'AAARRRRRRR!!!' while slicing heads with a guitARR. Priceless.

Glenn says

It's Jovonathan Coultovich!

Soon we'll discover that Hodgman is the reclusive billionaire running the Umbrella Corporation!

Nils says

Awesome! :-) Mr. Coulton: Action-Ass-kicking-Super-Hero. When will the Coulton-Action-Movie be released? ;-)

Cheyenne Wright says

this is probably the best place for me to add a link to my JoCo drawing -- something I did as part of my Podcaster series

Greg says

Please tell me there's a video of the "Mr. Fancy Pants" performance with midi-recording contraption that he alludes to in the newspost.

Zro says

There is one on youtube. You'll probably find it pretty quickly if you search by date added. It's awesome.

Jon Who says


Demetrius says

Good use of "axe", JoCo!

Janet says

Wait just a cottonpicking second. Zombie DANCING? CHOREOGRAPHED zombie dancing? When did this start at JoConcerts?

Joel says



Jesse says

Six String Samurai reference? I didn't know that anyone else knew of that movie.

JP says

Wow, I can't wait for the action figure.

Mike says

Choreographed zombie dancing is a reference to Thriller. He's even wearing the same outfit.

Cool cartoon, but it could have used your blinding beam of pure ROCK!

Anne-Marie says

I kind of liked the sly reference to "Don't tase me, bro" in the first panel.

@Jesse: Float away, little butterfly. Just flutter away.

Kaethe says

I want there to be JC Zombie Fighting Troubadour T-shirts now!

Glenn says

Jesse: I'm the only one among my friends that liked Six String Samurai. I'm not sure they grokked the humor.

Glenn says

This is madness!


(Apologies if that's where you wre going with yours, Joel.)

Demetrius says

"Kaethe Says:
September 25th, 2007 at 3:13 pm

I want there to be JC Zombie Fighting Troubadour T-shirts now!"

How's this? I didn't really make shirts of it. (I think JoCo should handle stuff that actually has his name on it.) But, I can send him the printable file if he wants to put it in his store.

Joel says

LOL! I was more thinking Michael Jackson, but thats a great opportunity for a Youtube Mashup.

Holy shit! Thats awesome. I hope he adopts the slogan.

Joel says


I posted a link:

Demetrius says

@ Joel

Thanks for the link! ...People *are* very cool!

Joel says

I put the wrong link in the comment but hte pingback above it is correct. Duh.

M_pony says

That is full of win :)

Speastalpsome says

What is bumburbia?