Houston, Portland: Also Awesome

By JoCo September 22, 2007

I don’t know what to say. The audiences just keep showing up and enjoying themselves – you’d think I would start to expect that, but I am still pleasantly surprised every time it happens. Lots of singing in the Houston audience, perhaps owing to the presence of some a cappella singers, plus all the pirates (pirates love to sing). And last night in Portland’s Mission Theater was just awesome – beautiful place, fun crowd, etc. This tour has been so consistently fun that it’s become incredibly boring to blog about. Sorry!

We’ve got a much needed night off tonight, and then we hit Triple Door in Seattle Sunday night – I hear the show is sold out already, so I expect it to be another night of enormous fun (for those of you who already bought tickets that is).


winegeek says

Thanks for a great Portland show--I hope you enjoyed the pint of beer I bought you :)

It was refreshing to hear you with backup vocalists, as it really adds depth to your performance.

I wish you continued success and eagerly await more tunes...

Carousel says

Man, it'd be awesome if you could come to Louisville....

SevinPackage says

We have tickets! And another video for you. Can't wait to see the show!

Glenn Peters says

It was a great show -- the numbers of people seem to more than double with each show. After a few more shows, they'll have the whole population of the Earth attending.

I was actually sticking around to ask Coulton what happened with the PopSci podcast, but I forgot about that when Coulton introduced me to Paul as "*This* is Glenn!" (Later, Storm deduced this on his own.)

Anyway, I got some shots during the show and some goofing around in the green room, afterwards:

Luke M says

This is the tour where you take another step up, Jonathan. As I said on Spiff's blog, the S.F. show at Cafe du Nord was fun, but Great American Music Hall was a Happening. There is a significant audience for your work, and you are claiming your richly-deserved cultural niche. I will be gratified but not amazed if I see you playing the Warfield in the fullness of time.

As Jerome John Garcia observed about his main band's own fan base, "Our audience is like people who like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice."

Congratulations. Keep having fun doing what you do so well and we will keep showing up to watch you do it.


Brad O'Farrell says

Oh JoCo, you may not be coming to my state but you're always on tour in my heart.

Bonnie says

Thanks for the Houston show...it was a great way to celebrate our anniversary. Looking forward to a return engagement!

Richard Harding says

Great show! Creepy Doll with Paul and Storm was like watching some weird alternate universe version of Peter, Paul and Mary. And I mean that as a serious compliment.

Scott says

Traveled from Eugene, 2 hour trip with my three friends. We had a blast and enjoyed the show. I hope you keep making great music and if your back in state we will be more then happy to come see you again. Thanks again!

Gary says

Almost got to see you at the Duck but when I asked Rusty where the Standing Room Only seats were he said I wasn't smart enough to attend your show. I am hoping if I study your lyrics really hard I can get in next time. When are you coming back so I can pace myself?

Janet says

Wow. That green room has an actual handmade Persian carpet on the floor. Pretty classy!

Demetrius says

Code Monkey back on Dr. Demento's Funny 5 today! WooHOO!

Morat says

The Houston show was great. My kid loved it as well. I'm really glad it was sold out -- better odds you'll be back, and a number of my friends couldn't make it.

Spencer says

Wait, you were in Portland last night? Bugger!

I was dressed in full pirate regalia along with Nick (nephew of Spiff). Can't believe I missed you. Dang. Of course, if it was an adults-only venue, then it wouldn't have made much difference.

Anyway, glad to hear your tour's so fun. Sounds like things are really starting to shape up for you and your music, JoCo. :)


Wicked Kisses says

I kinda wish you'd do Yosemite or Merced/Modesto, but I can't see you getting much of an audience here in the Central Valley.


My little group loves you, but we're comparatively weird compared to the rest of the belters here.

EmeraldCityJoCoFan says

Awesome show as always... went to the Portland show, but didnt get Seattle tickets in time. Some videos are to come, from our perch in the balcony (we got there late and there were no good spots left on the ground floor).

Sean Wright says

I wish I was in America. Then I'd come see JoCo. Anyways, sounds like it was another great show. Keep knocking them dead.

Jess says

There were five of us at the Portland show and we had the greatest time. I almost got choked up when the audience started singing the chorus to Skullcrusher Mountain. And I second the praise for Creepy Doll, I've been humming it for days. I'm so sorry I didn't realize that you were playing in Seattle tonight (Sunday). I'd have brought a whole new crop of people!

Looking forward to your next northwest appearance!


Jer says

Hey Jon, I just heared about you the other week and I must say, I like your stuff. You're easilly compairable with Weird Al.

Keep it up, wish I could come see you in a concert, but I live in not the United States.

Anne-Marie says

@Seattle: Evil baby during Creepy Doll FTW!!

roscivs says

OMG about that evil baby! Holy freakamoly!

~ the slightly rowdy guy in the front row

p.s. thanks for playing Sweet Caroline! You rock!

p.p.s. when are you coming back to the PNW?

p.p.p.s. that was an awesome show. I'm sorry if I sang along too loudly to some of the songs, but I was having a blast.

p.p.p.p.s. what's wrong with "yarr"?! I am from the South, I realize, but seriously--"yarr"??

Julzerator says

Yes, definitely. The evil baby during Creepy Doll was AMAZING.

--Happy Seattlite

Sam Vimes says

Seattle loves you, Mr. Coulton. Especially your spicy brains.

Do visit again soon, and bring those Paul and Storm guys too. Their brains go well with yours, and of course some fava beans.

SilyWabbit says

*frightened pirate*

I second your


Tell me you paid the baby!

Outstanding show, and the Triple was a great venue to have you at. Hubby and I would definitely see you again (AND Paul and Storm).

*hopeful pirate*

Joel says

Portland was glad to have you. It was my first time at the Mission Theater, and that place was freaking rad (not surprised, though, as pretty much any McMenamin's is awesome).

Thank you for the killer set and the limited edition, number one-factoral Thing-a-Week.

I hope you got a chance to check out the city a little while you were here. Portland is kind of the shit.

Come back, eh?

Kevin Turner says

I'm glad you enjoyed the Portland show despite the fact that I couldn't be there. I'm in Boston now, but will leave before you play at Johnny D's. We really didn't coordinate very well on this one.

Leisa ReFalo says

Amazing Portland show! I haven't had that much fun at a show since Aztec Camera at the SLC Palladium in the 80's.

The evening had a spooky robot vibe. We came after a Super Project Lab show http://www.superprojectlab.com/ where Daniel Wilson (Roboticist/Author) was one of the guests.

Richard Harding says


The Future Soon
Shop Vac
Baby Got Back
I Crush Everything
Tom Cruise Crazy
Code Monkey
Christmas is Interesting
Creepy Doll
I Feel Fantastic
Mr Fancy Pants
Skullcrusher Mountain
I'm Your Moon
Mandelbrot Set
Re: Your Brains
First of May
Sweet Caroline

Great show! Being from Portland, the home of Storm Large of Rockstar Supernova fame, I was shocked to discover that Storm was a man (reminds me of this incident from back in my Navy days, but that's another story). One suggestion, though: Considering the fan base, you might want to stock up on the XL - 4XL T-shirts.

Spencer says

Richard-- are you certain that Storm is a man? Having watched an interview with her as it was taped for radio (LiveWire!, that is), I'm fairly certain she's not, and Wikipedia supports me here.

If that was a joke, I've completely missed it. :)

Luke M says

You got "Better," "Flickr" AND "Xmas is Interesting"?!? OK, S.F. got "Make You Cry," but still. MFing "Flickr"? Jeez.

"Flickr" next time in S.F., please, JoCo. KTHXBYE in advance.