Too Much Chuy’s

By JoCo September 20, 2007

Remind me not to eat 10 pounds of Tex-Mex at 4 in the afternoon – my belly was so big I could barely hold the guitar in front of me. I had a really great time at Club Dada – in spite of the online ticket problems there was still a pretty big crowd, and in what has suspiciously started to look like a pattern here in Texas, they were also very kind and fun. Thank you all for another really great show.

Joel gave me a copy of this comic, which is running today – another carabiner in the rock face of popular culture for old JoCo. I very much like the title “Zombie Fighting Troubadour.” Thanks Joel!

Tonight: Houston!


Kerrin says

Very informative comic strip....good puplicity.....not really funny though, or is it just me?

Spiff says

You don't find a guy getting his brains eaten by a zombie funny? And you call yourself a Coulton fan? ;)

Kerrin says

Maybe I have higher standards for zombie humor because I am a Coulton fan.

Joel says

JC! Thanks for linking to the comic. Part 2 will be up on Monday. The zombies come after you and... this time its personal, or something.

Jeremy Williams says

I must admit, it was vaguely amusing, but that was about it. As rad as irony is, when by itself with infomercial fandom, it's a bit dull. Irony is better with a bit of subtlety.

On another note, I must now plot ways to work the term "Infomercial fandom" into the regular use of internet denizens.

Glenn says

Speaking of troubadours, whatever happened to the Pop Sci podcast? It seems to be kind of dull and video-based now...

mrk says

Thanks for coming to Dallas, JC! We really enjoyed your performance last night. The wife is already asking when you're coming back...

paul says

Everybody in our group of attendees is already demanding another stop here. Knowing our desire to harm ponies and the laughter at your near water bottle drowning on stage it would be wise not to upset us.

Great show. Those of you who can make one of these shows should... uh... make one of these shows.

Glenn says

Ha, Coulter. Oops.

Joel says

D Magazine is the opposite of cool in Dallas.

I emailed the guy (who was reviewing a show he didnt attend and managed to spell the headliner's name wrong) and asked him to fix it.

Ian Pryseski says

I have to say was one the best shows I've gone to in a while. Although my girlfriend didn't get the "One Badass Fucking Fractal" song I did enjoy getting a nice signature on my new "re:Your Brains" shirt. Oh the irony of being cc'd on it.

Nic says

A friend of mine found you on Myspace and send you to me... or me to you. Love it. Thanks.

Jim W. says

Thanks for a really great show and wonderful evening. Hopefully you can make it this way again.

Here are a few photos:
(hope this works)

Kevin M. says

Thanks for the great show. Any show where it's obvious the performers are having as good a time as everyone else makes it even more better.

I'm particularly happy that Texas is proving to be kind. It makes it a lot more likely that you'll come back.

Molly says

I'm fond of "He's like if Bob Dylan and the internet had a baby."

paul says

That's the Observer review.

And they have their wires crossed. JC doesn't describe himself as "a little Darth Vader, a little Optimus Prime", that describes the girl in the song, "Better".

Otherwise the review is pretty good.

Stacy says

It's our love of steak and correlating hate of ponies that should bring you back. Hope you weren't too wasted by the gut-brick that is Chuy's. So tasty... deceptively tasty in fact.

Sean says

Whoops. I just posted in the right section. Oh well - great cartoon though. Zombies eh?

Sugartits says

Thanks for the awesome show. We laughed, we cried, we discussed our hate for ponies and sang about our love of big butts.
It was totally worth the parking ticket.... even though now my husband wants one of those Drum machines.
Come back soon!!

Drew says

It was awesome. My girlfriend and I were the people in the front row that gave up our moon pie to the birthday girl. We were looking forward to this for over a month and you did not in any way disappoint. We loved every minute and are now Paul and Storm fans as well. Please come back soon and maybe you can play Dan's Silver Leaf up in Denton too.