Houston Merch

By JoCo September 20, 2007

Any of you industrious kids who want on the guest list tonight in exchange for working the merch table let me know. Halp!


cybertoad says

I can help out - I will be there around 6:45 PM tonight...

Amy says

Wonderful show!!! Thanks so much for coming to Houston! Please come back and see us! We had the best time!!

Sid says

Thanks JoCo.

Sherry Hunyadi says

On behalf of myself, my husband, and the 13 or so other geeky friends of mine who lobbied for you on Eventful and were so excited to see you last night, thanks for a fantastic show. We had a wonderful time, and you were amazing (as we knew you would be). Please come back and see us again some time.

As a true code monkey (and actually a bit of a performer myself), I know how hard it is to put yourself out there in front of a live audience, but we’re so glad you’re doing it. Keep it up, and we’ll do our part to make sure the number of Coulton fans continues to grow.

Thank you so much for coming to Houston, and best of luck for the rest of the tour!

Sean says

Great cartoon. Oh to have one's grey matter sucked out by a zombie! lol.

Curtis says

Best concert I have been to in a LONNNNGGG time. Thanks so much for coming to Houston!

Noah Ramon says

That was a whole bunch of awesome, win, and even more awesome.
(And Freebird ROCKED. Rocked HARD.)

Thanks for a wonderful show.

EmeraldCityJoCoFreak says

Eagerly counting down the hours and minutes before work is over and I head down to PDX with the girlfriend to catch tonight's JoCo show!!

Code Monkey like roadtrips...

Dustin says

Hey Jonathan, you posted some YouTube music videos made with your songs before that I love watching. I found another one if you would like to post it too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTSkWnKs9rM&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ewowinsider%2Ecom%2F

Music video for Creepy Doll. It's not bad, I liked the fact that the doll is a Gnome because Gnomes are just creepy.

Spiff says

Yeah, that's a pretty great video. ;)

Andrew says


Definitely the best live act I've seen. I hope you come back to see us soon! I can personally guarantee that we can fill the Duck for as many nights as you'll play. And if you get bored in between, you can always come play Guitar Hero and generally nerd out over here.


Squiddy says

Hey there JC!

Last night's Houston show was amazing, even after being boarded by pirates.

I hope we all get the opportunity to have you back, I don't think I've enjoyed a live show so much since I watched a giant octopus pull the bikini top off an unsuspecting swimmer.

Peter says

JC, the concert was awesome! Plus, you made at least one new fan out of my fiance.

"You will be forged anew in the crucible of your baby"

Wise words.

Noah Ramon says

Oh, and just so it gets out there :

If you look carefully in the dimness (the camera, it's'a not so great in low light), you can JUST see Paul flipping the bird.

Awesome and win, I tell you.

Goldie says

That was an amazing show! It was definitely one of the best concerts that I've been to in a while! I hope that you will come back to Houston, and grace us with your beautiful music many more times! Thank you for an awesome evening of smiles and laughter!

Smiles and warm wishes! =)