Hey, Texans!

By JoCo September 19, 2007

I forgot to mention at the Austin show that Stephen Austin went to my high school – the founder of Texas, not the bionic man. Thanks for a great show everyone, especially the members of the Robot Group who brought the amazing robot spin art machine that plays JoCo music. Check out robospinart.com and you’ll see what I mean.

I made the horrible mistake of scheduling morning television in Dallas the morning after a show in Austin, so I’m a bit short on sleep. That doesn’t mean I’m not fully capabale of rocking off every sock in Dallas tonight at Club Dada. Just be ready, that’s all I’m saying.


Joel says

We'll see you there. Been spreading the word all week.

Owen says

Sorry I missed you in Austin. Randomly discovered your music online today. Excellent stuff. Enjoy the rest of your tour.

Michael says

Thanks for coming out here. It was a fantastic show.

Jeremy Williams says

You know, you need to come out to Northern idaho. Or Eastern Washington.
Or both.

Alex says

My socks are still recovering for the thorough rocking, despite the lack of sleep.

Thanks for the great show, hope you come back sometime soon (Come to Denton! It's a MUSIC SCHOOL COLLEGE TOWN just a bit north of Dallas!)

AngerBoy says

Great show last night! "Sweet Caroline" was remarkable. :O)

Bill says

Thanks for the great show in Dallas! I'm glad you overcame the ticket snafu and played to a full house. Arrr! Oh, wait I guess that was yesterday. Anyway I'm writing a full review at my blog today, so click on my name.

Jabberwocky says

I am proudly wearing my "Visit Beautiful Skullcrusher Mountain" shirt today. My friends and I went to IHOP afterwards and we were laughing about the show so much the manager inquired as to what we were on and where he might obtain such wonders. I gave him your website. Thanks for visit pony-hating Dallas JoCo!

Lynn says

Awesome set at the Cactus on Tuesday! Can't wait until you make it back here. And I don't care what Paul thinks, you weren't superfluous. :)

The Wired Monkey says

I can't believe I missed it!!! You finally came to Texas, I'm out of the loop for a few weeks, and I miss your show by ONE night. Ugh. Wow. Club Dada was so lucky last night. They got their socks rocked, and my socks are just sitting in their stupid drawer. Bleh. Hope everyone had fun....JoCo - come back again soon!!!!