Merch Help in Austin

By JoCo September 18, 2007

Ridiculous short notice, but anyone who wants to sell cds and shirts tonight at the Austin show will get in free. Email me!


Bubblehead says

I'll be there about 8, so I'll wander around and see if you still need help.

Wayne says

I'm *really* bummed that I missed the show - it's probably still going on now. I woulda helped out if I coulda. I even blogged about you coming to Austin and hyped it up. I will be on the lookout for the next visit here. A friend of mine saw you last time you were here.

Allison says

YARRR! You were awesome tonight! Enjoy my spinning artwork.


Aaron says

Awesome show tonight! Thanks so much. I hope that your first time singing in Austin was wonderful. The performance was wonderful by all. Please come back asap. SXSW 08?!

Pictures are up at....

April says

Now see, if I had been a better geek, I would have taken my computer with me and known to volunteer to sell stuff. *grin* Oh well, seems like it was covered.

Amazing show! Thank you so much again for coming to Austin!

Jen™ says

Unrelated, but..

I go to They Might Be Giants shows. TMBG introduced me to a guy named Corn Mo, when he used to open for them.

They Might Be Giants, in their way, introduced me to John Hodgman. Through John Hodgman, I found out about you.

Corn Mo just made a myspace bulletin about you. Everyone I love is linked together!

So, my question:

/Rant. Thank you. Much love.

Jen™ says

PS -- Cincinnati needs you.

EmeraldCityJoCoFreak says

TMBG is awesome, they are coming here soon and I will probably check that out.

The real question is, when will TMBG open for JoCo??

JoCo says

Yeah, you'd have to ask TMBG about that I guess. I've met them a couple of times, but I'm always too starstruck to actually tell them how much they rule.

Roman Verzub says

I want to, except I'm in Cleveland.... Needs moar jetpack.

James Ledoux says

JoCo You LoCo! Next time you in Austin and in a bind drop me a line. I'll be happy to help...Hit SXSW and/or ACL next year!!!