One Down

By JoCo September 13, 2007

The show in LA last night was a lot of fun – sold out the 100 or so seats, which for me in Los Angeles is an amazing turnout. Thanks to everyone for coming out, sharing a bathroom, and keeping an eye on the scientologists across the street while I sang Tom Cruise Crazy. So far no death threats!

Paul and Storm and I are on our way up the Pacific Coast Highway today, and readying ourselves to kick some serious ass in San Francisco tomorrow night. Word is that ticket sales are going very well, and there’s an outside chance the show may possibly get close to maybe selling out almost (probably not, but you never know). If you are a nervous person, I suggest you check out these ticket purchasing options on the Great American Music Hall site. See you soon SFers…


Seth Christenfeld says

...and three-point-six tomorrow?

Michael - aka THEthatdude says

i gotta say (as if i already havent on the forums, lol) this show was just incredible, and i was still psyched over it this morning. i do regret not being able to actually meet mr. coulton though (kinda wanted him to sign my driving directions, lol). still, i really hope you come back to LA soon, as i can garuntee at least 10 tickets to be bought by me and my friends. Still, i do implore you, keep making your wonderful music, as it is truly awesome, and it's even better when its performed live. hopefully see you back in LA soon and if ya like, the Tommy's burgers are on me.

iii says

i really enjoyed the show.

does it make me & my wife fanboys if we're flying up for the sf show tomorrow?

David says

The show was great, thanks a lot for doing it!

Colleenky says

Thank you, JC and P&S, for an incredibly fun show.

And despite Michael's generous offer, don't eat Tommy's burgers. They're authentic LA, but they're not necessarily good. ;-)

Gle3nn says

The show was incredible.
Thanks JoCo and Paul and Storm...and Will Wheaton too.
I agree with Colleenky about Tommy's.

Molly says

I wore my new "Visit Beautiful Skullcrusher Mountain" shirt to class today.

People kept asking where it is...

Matt says

It was an awesome show, and you guys couldn't be more wrong about Tommy's. I need a remote control like the one the sound guy used.

Michael - aka THEthatdude says

lol, Tommy's isn't that bad, but honestly, the perfect post-concert food would definitely be The Hat (and come on, no one can say negative things about that place, hehe), and id still buy for JoCo, Paul and Storm. i really hope they do a show out here around december though.

Oh, and i just wanted to comment on one thing (and please don't take it the wrong way) but i was kinda disappointed that no chords/words were off last night, i mean from the Temple Bar performance, "i feel fantastic" was made that much better with the extra little line "thats one..." and PAX (wasnt there) was just awesome with the last part. still, awesome performance, please do come back soon!

Gle3nn says

Here is Sweet Caroline in a quick low quality copy.
The better quality videos of the concert will be arriving soon. I'm having compatibilty problems so will be heading off to another computer.
Windows Vista- Just Don't Do It!

Morgue says

Great show. I was able to meet JC beforehand and take a terrible picture (no flash and the lighting was atrocious.

I missed the announcement in the shows RSS (if it was in there) and only found out about the show that day because I happened to browse through the blog.

On top of that, the link to Ticketmaster gave the wrong address for the venue.

Luckily, I had talked a couple of resourceful friends into coming along and they were able to find the right place. They thanked me afterward because they had a great time.

Longish rundown of the show, plus two not-so-great pix here:

Julzerator says

Thanks JoCo and Paul and Storm…and Will Wheaton too.

Wil came to the show?!? Can you bring him along to the Seattle show too??

Colleenky says

A melding of what I've posted on the forum and email I sent to friends.

precipitate says

Oh, I've got at least 20 people that'd love to see you again in LA who weren't there last night. You vastly underestimate your audience here.

The show was great.

And we're going to San Francisco for Friday's show. Wheeee!

JJ says

I'm having a hard time concentrating on work today. I can't wait for tonight's show.

Will Wheaton, huh? Now that somewhat brings Fark into this web of BoingBoing/Dethroner/JoCo. I sense a conspiracy of the nerdcore blogging machine.

CarrieP says

Re: Seth.

...I'll be outta here.

CarrieP says

Gah! Botched the line! I'm a bad Ben Folds Fan! :(

Roman Verzub says

Glenn, have you considered Ubuntu Linux?

Steven says

Thanks for a great show in SF! Loved the new techno-doohickey for Mr. Fancypants!

Alex says

You rocked SF hard. Been waiting months for the show and bow howdy did you guys deliver. Thanks for an amazing show!

Vicki says

Thank you, Thank you!! What a great show you three put of my very favorites at GAMH!

Sam Hunter says

You kicked major ass tonight. Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors Ass. Congratulations sir, and thank you for bringing joy to the world.

Danny says

Awesome show! Loved the encore. What the heck was the Mr Fancy pants gizmo? You should release that version as 'Mr Fancy Pants - the dance mix' or extra fancy edition. I don't know I am tired now. Code monkey go to sleep now.

Patrick says

Awesome LA show! I was of a group of 6. I can guarantee that the next show you do in LA I'll be of at least 10 people, if not more!

So---next time how about sell out a 200 person venue? Very awesome show, every bit of it!

Even the stick part!


Kimberly says

Carns farndid, I missed a local gig! That's what I get for not finding you sooner. Tickets were likely sold out by the time I found you anyway (please don't contradict me--it helps me sleep at night). NEXT time you're here, I will be there!

Congrats on the successful show. I will now be tracking your when-and-where's more efficiently. Any thoughts on the next LA date?