Dallas Mixup

By JoCo September 10, 2007

Yeah, so there was some kind of problem with a web page somewhere, so the online ticket place for the up coming Dallas show was acting a little screwy. It said there were no tickets available, which wasn’t true – actually no tickets at all had been sold. Awesome! It’s going to be a very…erm…intimate show to be sure.

Anyway, that problem is all solved, so you can buy tickets now. Please. Hello? Anybody out there want to buy tickets to the Dallas show? Is this thing on?

To be clear:
Wednesday September 19th 8 PM
Club Dada, 2720 Elm St. Dallas
Buy tickets here: tickets!


Jim W. says

That was really awful. Rest assured, there will be at least two of us there.

paul says

I didn't realize Club Dada ever did ticketed shows so I just assumed it wasn't a mix up.

I can account for at least 7-8 more folks coming.

Rafe says

come to Toronto

geppy says

I'll be there!

Kevin M. says

I too had assumed that Dada just didn't do ticketed shows and that I'd have to pay cover to get in. Suffice it to say, add another guaranteed 4 more to the running tally.

Steve F. says

If you come to the Scranton, PA area on a weekend, the tickets will be sold within days. You have a lot of fans here. ;)

Kerrin says

It can't be more intimate than the show I went to last Tuesday, there was 4 people in the audience if you don't include the performers girlfriend or the bar staff. Shame, he was quite good.

It was a bit different from the 400 strong Birchmere show with Jonathan!

I'm sure the internet will do it's thing and correct this issue in time to sell out!

Bill says

Me+3 will be there! Woo Hoo! I heard about it from Eventful. By that time the ticket glitch had been fixed.

Anton says

I actually like Club Dada a lot, but the truth is, Deep Ellum (the area of Dallas that the club is in) is in pretty bad shape and most people don't want to go to shows there anymore. The hot spots nowadays are Lakewood theater and the Granada. I'll be there though!

Darias says

Do ya be knowin' that yer show be on International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

That do give you but a week to concoct a piratey song for the occasion.

Demetrius says

"Darias Says:"

Arrrh! That be a fine idear! Yo Ho, Jo Co!!! Ye already haves a song about the Krakken. I be wantin' t' hear "I Crush Everything" from the crushee's standpoint.

Darias says

Thar could be robot pirates, or zombie pirates off the coast of Borneo, and of course, me old cap'n did have himself a wee little monkey. Twas cute I tell ya.

A sad tale though. We did find ourselves a-wrecked in parts unknown once and made the poor dear into stew one night. May God have mercy on his little soul.

Sean says

Sounds stressful, Jonathan. I hope it all pans out well in the end.

Kimberly says

I wish we could go--we're in So Cal and not ready for a road trip right now. We're new fans--just found you and totally hooked. Rest assured if you came to our neck of the woods we'd be there.

Thank you for all you do. You are inspirational and you make everyone who has ever heard you smile. You're on a mission to make this world a better place just by being you. I hope the rest of the world takes the clue, tries to be the best them they can be, and makes spreading smiles their goal, too.

Down with road-rage and lay-offs and breakdowns. Long live zombies and robots. Well, I guess "live" isn't really the right word there. . .

You're tres cool. We appreciate you.

Colleenky says

Kimberly: JC was in Hollywood last night.

JG says

Kimberly ... JoCo was in LA last night (Hollywood). You missed a great show! (how could it be otherwise?), although the venue left something to be desired (IMHO) -- too small, too crowded, too hot). Actually had to have a "gaffer" (also the guy who controlled the lights) to turn on the overhead projector with a broomstick, since the IR control had been lost !

I'm not complaining ... in the end, the "quaint" setting may have actually added something to the experience. I just think that JoCo deserves better :-)


Well crap.

I just saw this news update. I can't believe I missed the show.

So... Very... Angry.

You will just have to do another.