JoCo to Seattle: Au Revoir

By JoCo September 4, 2007

Just packing up to head back to NY this morning – had a really great time at Bumbershoot. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, most comedians are very nice people. Crowds were consistently big at my shows and I think it went very well even though I felt a little silly following such talents as Kristen Schaal and Todd Barry. These are actual professional famous people, I still feel like I’m just pretending to be such a person. I wonder if that feeling ever goes away…

I’m glad to be going home, but I’m sorry to be leaving what’s starting to feel like my second home here on the west coast. Luckily I’ll be back very soon. Until then dear Seattle, smoke some salmon for me and keep on drizzlin’!


EmeraldCityJoCoFreak says

It was great to see you perform Flickr live - very interesting (and absolutely hilarious of course). Keep up the great work!!

Kiri says

I'm sorry that I didn't know you'd be in town - I usually don't make it to Bumpershoot, but I would have made the exception to fight the crowds for your show. Safe journey home!

Midnight Phil says

Hurry back!

My friends and I saw you at PAX, and were so impressed that we went to Bumbershoot Sunday evening to see you again. You don't know who we are, but we're the ones who got the clapping started during "First of May" at the end. :)

I look forward to your next show! The northwest loves ya!

David Whitlock says

I was thrilled to see you at PAX this year, and to meet you for the first time as well. My friend loved the Code Monkey card game I bought for him, I just wish now I'd spent more time talking to you when I had the chance.

So, is it fair to say that the concert you played at the Convention Center was the largest crowd you've ever had?

I look forward to catching your show at the Triple Door soon, even if I have to find a babysitter at gunpoint. =-)

Gina says

Flickr live??!! Do at Ram's Head, pretty please!

Jules says

Wow! I just only got to know your music (within the past 20 minutes actually, haha) and just had to look you up, your songs are amazing! So melodic and the lyrics are great.
So, planning to visit Europe somewhen? London or Germany, preferably? *lol*


ricecreamdude says

I was there with agreenishorange, and we both thought you were amazing (and funny). I, actually, bought two of your CDs. ("Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow" and "Thing-a-Week Three.") I'm a pretty new fan, but i'll try and keep supporting you as much as I can.

Hope to see you again soon.

Agreenishorange says

Hey, it was great seeing you at Bumbershoot. I actually had no idea you were going to be there, but when I saw your name on the schedule I just HAD to go watch. And I definitely wasn't disappointed, you were awesome! Thanks for coming to Seattle. Come back soon!

Ross says

I was at the Bumbershoot show on Monday. Had an awesome time, you're definitely pretty popular here in the NW.

Darryl says

Hi -- caught Saturday's show -- great stuff. Here's some videos, including Baby Got Back, Flickr, and Future Soon (more coming)

EmeraldCityJoCoFreak says

Darryl, thanks for taking those videos! I was going to as well but wasn't sure how strict Seattle Center was going to be about their no camera policy.

Jason E. Fish says

We saw you at PAX, and while the audience participation on 'Brains' was definitely worth the admission, I'd have to say that Bumbershoot was my preferred show. Much more relaxed, more personal, and there were actual CHAIRS. ;) It was great to see/hear people in the audience leaning over and whispering to each other, "What was his name again? I gotta look this guy up!", and rapidly jotting down your name. I don't know that you ever get to witness that anymore, but it's a real treat to see brand new fans being born.

Darryl, don't know what you were filming with, but I contacted Bumbershoot and was given a huge "Nuh Uh" regarding recording equipment. Intiman said it was fine, as did JC, but they were unmoved. Guess it IS easier to ask for forgiveness. :)

Anyway, great show Jonathan, glad we got to see Baby Got Back (we missed it at PAX). Looking forward to the Triple Door!

EmeraldCityJoCoFreak says

Good news about the Triple Door... from their website (

"What is your photo policy? Can I bring in a camera?

That is generally up to each individual artist. Our general rule is that you can take pictures as long as it is not a professional rig and that you do not use flash in the theatre. We do not know of the band’s photo policy until the night of the show."

FlyingWok says

Au Revoir JoCo! I saw you at PAX, and though I originally went for the Minibosses, you were the treat of the night, and now I can't stop listening to your music. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into the North Comedy stage on Saturday at Bumbershoot, and judging by comments above I missed out on a more relaxed and personal show!

So on that note, come back soon, and thanks for the great performances!

Glenn says

Hey, wait a second. Seattle can't be your second home when you have Portland.

By the way, if you did want to do Flickr here, the Mission has a nice big screen, they've been using it to play Firefly episodes lately.

Julzerator says

Come Back!!! We love you!

I think my highlight of PAX was introducing your music to a fellow geek and watching her grin from ear to ear throughout the show.

Oh, and Skullcrusher Mountain! Live!

I can't wait for the Triple Door!

Darryl says

Hey Jason -- I shoot with a Canon S3. Just bought it a few months ago after my Digital Rebel got stolen when I accidentally left it sitting in its bag in a mall in Costa Mesa, CA (duh).

I like the S3 because it's got a great zoom and terrific video/audio recording, but it mainly looks like a stills camera. I just wish it was a little smaller, but if you want the big lens there's trade-offs.

Anyways, yeah, I recall that the Bumbershoot ticket says something like "Cameras: No professional cameras with detachable lenses" and "Audio/Video Recording: No professional equipment".

I didn't see that that detachable lenses policy enforced anywhere but at the entrance to the mainstage. It drives me a little crazy that the "big name" acts are so freaking unfriendly to amateur shooters, especially with the falling prices of digital SLRs. (Oh yeah, also, no pets or strollers in the stadium either, unlike the rest of Bumbershoot. Lameness, however I think most of the security staff was looking the other way on strollers to avoid angry mobs of parents with.)

ANYways, as far as shooting in the JoCo show, I *was* worried about getting "busted", so I kept my camera on my lap, and used a hat to cover up the flashing "recording" light and try to hide the LCD (which I wasn't even originally using, but shooting blind sucks).

EmeraldCityJoCoFreak says

Is anyone besides me hitting both the Portland and Seattle shows? :)

Jhon Cabral says

AHH!!! you should come to Colombia!! i know it sound crazy and srupid but it would be awesome i bet ¬¬ GENIUS!! hehee i

Jhon Cabral says

bha!! >.__>

Jhon Cabral says

ohh wait is not my english... i think this thing is broken D:
anyways sorry...