Mandelbrot Set Video

By JoCo September 2, 2007

I just had to single this one out for extra special awesomeness (made at the Cornell Summer Animation Workshop by Pisut Wisessing):


Bry says

That was incredible.

Paul says

I love Cornell, grew up in that area. Alan Watts used to hang out there, I wonder what his philosophical take on Mandelbrot's work would be?

Gle3nn says

That was Fantastic!

iii says

i'm glad he pointed out the julia set thing, it's been bugging me forever.

the thing is, it'd be so easy to fix. all you gotta do is sing "z" instead of "c", and you get the right algorithm.

no fair making mr. mandelbrot cry...

Janet says

Good god. What an incredible video! You had me at the Mandelbrot baby. [wipes laugh-tear away] *sigh*

Nils says

One of the best JC-Videos! *wow*

Lindsay says

NICE! and hooray for the sound clip at the end from the video i took at Johnny D's last december... makes me feel like i'm 2 degrees separated from something special :)

Martha Garvey says

Delightful. Badass fractal indeed.

Rich says

Just awesome.

Natascha says

That was f**king AWESOME!!!!!!!

CarrieP says

Billy says

I'm confused (and a little rusty)... What makes it a Julia set and not a Mandelbrot? (Oh, and great video!...)

Ryan says

So I was browsing the web and came across your video. You know, that thing you do to kill time when you're supposed to be coding right? I saw a live video where you mentioned you dropped a job using VB. Congrats, that language is horrible. Probably a plague upon us codemonkeys who I believe for the most part like more logical languages.

To the point. I liked the Mandelbrot song. It gave me brief flashbacks of math class and... other things. I think I went through a fractal phase when I was taking hallucinogens. I studied and read up on them though at the time (16) the math was more complex than I had yet studied.

Either way, sweet deal and congrats and freeing yourself of the codemonkey tedium.


Lindsay says

Here is my present for you, JoCo :)

Lindsay says

/in the link on my name. that's where the present is.

Lynn says

I taught the class where Pisut made this incredible video. Thanks for putting it up!

Thanks for making music that students can use for projects. I used t require that they make their own audio or only use copyright free music. Now with Creative Commons, these kinds of artistic collaborations are so much more accessible.


Pisut says

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the clicks and comments. The clip on youtube went sky-rocket from 30 to 6000 views in a week. It was a fun and frustrating project. I wish I had more time to refine and complete the song.

Anyways, this animation cannot succeed without the great music. Thank you!

Lindsay says

Pisut - I don't know if you saw, but your video got Farked, officially :) Hope you didn't mind, I always do my best to share JoCo and his contributing artists with as many people as I can.

First link I've ever gotten approved on Fark, very proud it was JoCo.

Pisut says

Lindsay - Yep I saw it. Thank you :) Oh by the way, thanks for the clip from Johnny D's too!

Xenobiologista says

What I like about chalk animation is the trailing effect from the smudges of previous "frames". There's a South African artist who does great stuff with pastels, can't remember his name right now..

Bill Sodeman says

This was excellent! Gonna send it to my brother, the MD/mathemagician.