And Spiff!

By JoCo September 2, 2007

As you may be able to surmise, I’m behind on all this incoming user content. Here’s one by Spiff, who just gets better and better:


Gle3nn says

And Spiff is Fantastic as always!

Chase says

This is my favorite Spiff video yet, because of how perfectly it gets the storyline of the song, and for the little "robot" toy at the end. Brilliance!

Martha Garvey says

Poignant and so funny: a perfect match.

Jemimus says

Jonathan, seeing all the World of Warcraft machinima from Spiff, haven't you yourself been tempted to give the game a try? :D

Darias says

Oooh ooh! Come to Perenolde! You would SO fit in with my group of wackos. :)

Troy says

Something about this just screams Darth Vader...

Oyun says

Poignant and so funny: a perfect match.

Jon Who says

Said it before and I'll say it again, love the video but the bionic eyes are just the icing on the cake. Love 'em. Cakes and the eyes...

Julie says

Spiff is how I came across you JoCo! I love this one! Hope to see more soon from him and hear more new from you!! I bought the thing a week box set and have many ideas for spiff now...:)

Spiff says

Lay those ideas on me! With JC not putting out any new music (essentially), I'm going to run out of ideas at some point, so I want to sandbag a couple if I can. ;)