Washington Post Express

By JoCo August 30, 2007

Hey look who’s on the cover? Li’l old me. There’s a really nice write-up in advance of this big show at the Birchmere on Friday night (thanks Arion!). I hope this convinces those of you who have not already bought your tickets to GET ON THE STICK and come to the damned show – if the Washington Post Express thinks it’s important, it must be.


Gle3nn says

Who knew you had three hands? When did you have the third installed?
You were okay and we liked you that way but I think we'll still like you Better.

Jon Who says

I would come and all but the atlantic is kinda in the way...

Sean Wright says

I love the idea/reality of nerdcore. Is that me? Or do you look younger on that photo? Good luck with show, Jonathan.

Arion says

Ha! Younger, maybe, and, as some female colleagues noted, "I didn't know he was so hot!" By the way, the CA nerdcore contingent is going to bombard Eventful to get Jonathan to play at a hotbed of JoCo fandom -- JPL. Beware the glare of hundreds of horn-rimmed glasses.

Brad O'Farrell says

Awesome. Good write up. I've downloaded every single one of your free songs, and I listen to probably 10 of them constantly. I love the "layers" that the article talks about, it makes it less douchey than most "joke songs". Good stuff. I'd see you at the live show if I lived there. Oh well. I'll just stalk you whenever I live in NYC.

Glenn says


Hey, I noticed the other day that the moon-based Pop Sci podcast had been replaced by a decidedly UnCoulton video podcast. What gives? Are you coming back or should I unsubscribe?

(Also, I sent you e-mail about this and it bounced with a permanent error. I am sad.)

Demetrius says

"Gle3nn Says:
August 30th, 2007 at 9:50 am

Who knew you had three hands? When did you have the third installed?"

The third hand seems to have fingernail polish on. ...I guess if *I* was going to have an extra hand installed in that region I'd make it a girl hand, too! :)

Jon Who says


I was going to leave it at that but it seemed a waste... More concerning for me is where the hand is attatched and whose hand it actually is, is there now a woman walking around wuth one less hand than she did before?

Ed says

Is the Birchmere show going to be an "all ages" show? I'm bringing my mother to the show and she'd really be offended if didn't play "First of May."

Chase says

Quick shout out to anyone who's going to the Birchmere show. I'm gonna be the guy in the blue and white striped button down and khakis. I'd love a frequent surfer here to introduce themselves and shoot the breeze.
This is the pre-show point at which I start to get giddy. :)

Grant says

Hey, totally off-topic -

Am I the first one to notice that JoCo made iTunes' "21 funniest songs" list?

It's the Baby Got Back cover, which is a good gateway into Coulton - the first song I heard, and the way I found aaallllll the others - but I do think several of his original tunes are funnier. Still - whatever will help to brainwash more Coulton fans!

Congrats on a great PAX show! It looks/sounds like it was awesome!

AJS says

Too bad the article mistakenly says "Saturday at the Birchmere", before getting it correct in the post-story comment. You had to know that with the decline of print editions, proofreaders would be the first to go.....

Joran says


They're called "copy editors". They absolutely hate being called "proofreaders". ;) But yes, someone at the copy desk screwed up there.

Andrea says

Oh, look! You are our king!


Jamie says

*Great* show. Neil Diamond for the win, baby.

Shawn says

Thanks for rocking the joint!

For some reason you three just really made Sweet Caroline work...

Bry says

(So good! so good! so good!)


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