Ze Frank Songs

ByJoCo August 24, 2007

Some of you may remember my guest appearance on Ze Frank’s The Show in which I did some acoustic versions of several Ze songs. I sure remember it – I still can’t seem to get “Hindsight” out of my head. Much time has passed since then, but not enough time for us to change our minds about offering these songs for sale as mp3s here in my store.

If you’re a Ze fan you already know this news, and you may even have already asked me for the chords (Ze fans move VERY quickly, like a swarm of fire ants). I don’t have them at the moment, but I will try to write them out soon. Unless – isn’t there some sort of magical Ze Wiki Team that can take care of this? Some kind of Ze-worshipping, human guitar-tabbing engine, floating above our planet in cryogenic stasis waiting to attack just such a problem?


Heather L says

Awesome! I'm downloading them right now! :-D

Luke M says

That guest spot was my introduction to The Show, which I subsequently became obsessed with for weeks. Good synergy.

Gle3nn says

The first time I heard "Ugly", it made soda come out my nose.

Bill says

Thank you!! I actually found you when Ze Frank mentioned you in an mp3 interview I listened to. I don't have I tunes, so I have been waiting for these to show up on your site!

Natascha says

Till now I never heard of Ze Frank. I'm now addicted.... great... now I'll never get any work done on the computer now that I have to watch all the past shows.

Anyway, thank you... genuinely.

snabby says

Cool. That was the first time I ever saw you, although you were just some guy singing and playing Ze's songs. Then a day or two later I saw you being interviewed by Merlin of 40 folders, and thought how strange it was that these connections occurred. Knowing your name led me to your site and music, for which I am grateful.

I miss The Show, badly. I hope Ze turns up with some more entertainment.

CrypTech says

Found you from a WoW video. I back tracked through itunes (spent money for you there :) then you-tube to here. Isn't the internet such a great idea (wish I had thought of it, like, before now) Love your stuff. If you run out of room to keep it just e-mail me. Also, whoever that girl is on you-tube that does the Code Monkey Dance deserves royalties. Keep up the good work man, hope life is good for you. You made me laugh and that's hard to do in this hard world anymore. Thank You.

Mollie says

I've been anxiously awaiting this for some time. Thanks :)

zorts says

I sat thru most of the show thinking," Well, THIS is weird...." and then finally, when it got to "How do you work this thing," I collapsed in laughter. And, serendipity.

Spor says

The first time I heard “Ugly”, it made soda come out my nose.

Hemisphire says

Any chance for a FLAC version of these?

Mr.Garcia says

Also found you and your music by watching The Show.
Great music man. You're an inspiration.

Thank you

J Brems says

...so I take it the chords never surfaced?

Seric says

I just came here to find out the same thing :<