Shows, Shows, Shows

By JoCo August 22, 2007

If you’re not on the mailing list, then you did not receive this:

I’m back from vacation and ready to travel around the country bringing joy to all the boys and girls. Weirdly, I’m making several trips to Seattle in quick succession. Not as weirdly, there’s a whole West Coast/Texas tour thing with Paul and Storm happening in September. Watch this:

Saturday 8/25 – PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) in Seattle, WA
Washington State Convention Center
9 PM
I’m kicking off an evening of nerdcore deliciousness that includes MC Frontalot and the Minibosses. The first 4,000 attendees (gulp) Saturday morning get seats, the other 1,000 seats go to attendees on a first come first served basis.

Friday 8/31 – The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA
7:30 PM
This is a big place with lots of room for everyone. Seriously, buy some tickets right away so I’m not embarrassed. As a special bonus, this is also the CD release party for Paul and Storm’s new CD “Gumbo Pants” (which sounded awesome to me even before I heard it).

Saturday-Monday 9/1-9/3 – Bumbershoot in Seattle, WA
Seattle Center, Comedy Stage North – Intiman Theatre
Several shows: Saturday 4 PM, Sunday 5:30 PM, Monday 2:30 PM
Ah, afternoon comedy. Nothing funnier than a slightly sleepy audience who hasn’t been drinking. I’ll be splitting an hour on stage with Kristen Schaal (late of Flight of the Conchords) and Anthony Jeselnick (erm…from Pittsburgh).

Here begins some serious touring with Paul and Storm

Wednesday 9/12 – Paul Gleason Theater in Los Angeles, CA
8:30 PM
With Paul and Storm
Tickets at Ticketmaster:

Friday 9/14 – Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA
9 PM
With Paul and Storm


Tuesday 9/18 – Cactus Cafe in Austin, TX
8:30 PM
With Paul and Storm

Wednesday 9/19 – Club Dada in Dallas, TX
8 PM
With Paul and Storm

Thursday 9/20 – McGonigel’s Mucky Duck in Houston, TX
7:30 PM
With Paul and Storm


Friday 9/21 – McMenamin’s Mission Theater in Portland, OR
9 PM
With Paul and Storm

Sunday 9/23 – Triple Door in Seattle, WA
7:30 PM
With Paul and Storm

Was that enough crazy touring for you? No? OK then!

Saturday 9/29 – Rams Head Onstage in Annapolis, MD
7 PM
With Paul and Storm

Wednesday 10/3 – Higher Ground (Showcase Lounge) in Burlington, VT
7:30 PM
With Paul and Storm


Thursday 10/4 – Iron Horse in Northampton, MA
7 PM
With Paul and Storm

Friday 10/5 – Johnny D’s in Somerville, MA
7:30 PM
With Paul and Storm

Johnny D’s Home

And that’s all I know so far. Times etc. subject to change – don’t count on my having gotten any of this right for heaven’s sake. Please spread the word, tweet about it, blog about it, help me to put butts in seats so that I can continue soft rocking all around the world. As always, thank you.


P.S. I got blisters on my fingers!!!


Peter Jaros says

You're playing the Iron Horse? With Paul & Storm? I'm so there!

BTW, you might want to make your mailing list a little more prominent on the site. I just spent a good ten minutes looking for it. :)

Katie FL says

You're coming to Burlington?? Yay!

Jesse says

Anthony Jeselnick is very funny, though his style is sort of an (ironic) arrogant a-hole, which I can see going down like a lead balloon at Bumbershoot. But yeah, really funny guy.

Leigh says

Northampton! Huzzah! I've already started recruiting Smithies to come with me.

LSK says

Soft rock Chicago! Yeah!

Richard Crawford says

Aw, man, you're still not coming to Sacramento. And you've got at least two fans out here!

Well, we'll try to make it to the SF show.

Carol says

JoCo in NoHo...JoCo in NoHo! So much fun to say! Oh - JoCo in NoHo in Octo!

Marcia says

The website for the LA show doesn't have any information about how to purchase tickets for the show. Are tickets available in advance or only at the door? Thanks for the info.

Celeste says

I don't suppose you'll ever come to sunny Florida? =)

JoCo says

Hey Marcia, good point. Tickets can be got at ticketmaster:

heath says

I'm making a six hour round trip to come see you in San Francisco!

This is very exciting.

Glenn says

I hadn't realized before that Paul and Storm were of Da Vinci's Notebook! I already have two of their songs! Exciting!

Also, you're going to three venues I've already been to! One of which I was in last night! I can't stop exclaiming!

You should schedule your Florida trip over Christmas, so I can catch you there too! Or not!

Kristen says

So I guess after Bumbershoot I'll be knocked down to second-coolest Kristen S. you've ever shared a stage with. I can live with that.

Jemimus says

- P.S. I got blisters on my fingers!!! -

Could this mean new material? :)

Wayne says

We'll see you in Austin! Can't wait.

Bryan says

So, I finally move up to New York, and you're too good to have shows up here any more huh??? And anything happening in New England will be on days where I have the distinct pleasure of working several hours away. Will you be heading to the Albany region any time soon?

TG2k5 says

Also, frontalot will be playing tonight at the High Dive in seattle, along with Optimus Rhyme, The Goondocks, Beefy, and MC Router. Honetly though, this is the last place I expected to find a post about nerdcore. See you at PAX

Peace, TG

Colleenky says

I don't know how to do the fancy-pants blog linky thing, but I now have a blog and I've posted about JC coming to LA. I think I brought 10 or 11 people to the last LA show. I hope to top that this time. :-) Maybe I'll see you there, Gle3nn...

Heather L says

YAY! I'm going to see you in San Francisco.

And if you end up needing volunteers to sell your merch, my friend and I would love to do it for you. :-D

Christine says

SQUEEEEEEE!!! You're coming to Houston! You're coming to Houston! My husband is going to have to reschedule his trip to London so he doesn't miss your show, but meanwhile my son (who is using your music to learn how to play the guitar) and I WILL BE THERE and I'm going to bring as many knitters as I can find. Seriously. The knitters? They LOVE you.

hugh says

The mission of the Coulton Observation Center is to promote the observation of Jonathan Coulton. To this end we offer the Coulton Alert System (known around here as CAS). The Coulton Alert System provides forecasts of Coulton activity, delivered directly to your iPod or other device. Updates are delivered on an irregular schedule to thwart THE ROBOT OVERLORDS from blocking the transmission. We also employ sophisticated audio processing to punch through the inevitable jamming attempts.

miss violet says

As Christine said before...yes, the knitters love you. :)

I heard a crazy story about a few of them that were at PAX tonight, with needles in hand, talking about how they heard you on our show. I apologize for the insanity of those of us With The Sticks(tm). It's the wool fumes. They make us The Crazeee. Really. They do.

That said, if you ever get out to the Omaha area, we're good for a free dinner and possibly a sweater. Or a nice pair of skullcrusher socks. Or marriage proposals. Something. :)

Lllama says

Yay NoHo! Now promise you won't get sick this time so we don't have to bail you out of any songs.

Jonathan Chaffer says

Just wanted to let you know (since you weren't there on Sunday to see) that you *clearly* stole the show at PAX. At the closing event, they did a slide show of all the big moments, including one of each performer. You got the most applause by a landslide. Good work!

Hope it translates into a bunch of sales for you.

Frank Tinsley says

I sadly had not heard of your before your coming to PAX but I became an instant die-hard fan when you sang your first line! I've never so quickly fallen for a performer but you just blew me and all my friends away! Can't wait for your show in my home town of portland in September! See you there dude!

Dave says

Great write-up for the Birchmere show in the Washington Post's Express this morning. Front cover of the paper and huge front cover of an insert.

Right now the on the Express homepage:

Article here:

Jonathan Ramsey says

OMG! You're playing the Mucky Duck! I love the Mucky Duck.

Don't mention my name, though. I haven't been back since the 90s, and I may have pissed them off with my messy onstage mayhem. They should know what they're getting into when they host folk musicians, though. I promised I'd pay them back, though, when the IT slump is over, and/or I sell a lot of CDs.


Beccar says

I may have only just found out about you, but I'm glad I found out about you before September 19th. I'll be at Club Dada with bells on. Perhaps figuratively....

Lesley says

Hooray for Austin! Hooray for getting off at 3 PM and waiting for 5 hours to get the front spot! Hooray for being a fangirl!

By the way, Jonathan, I don't suppose there's a way to get advance tickets to that Cactus Cafe show, is there?

Bubblehead says

I'm from Idaho, but I saw you at PAX, and I'll be seeing you in Austin (I'll be there for a business trip). Does that make me a fanboy?

Bstoked says

Just got back from the L.A. show. You were great! So were Paul & Storm, and even Brent and his broomstick of Doom. Last time I saw you live I didn't even know it was you -- you had this book-reading John Hodgman side-kick guy. I think the act is much better this way ;)

Imelda says

Went to see the Houston Show and boy did you, Paul and Storm all put on such a fun fun show! Arrrrrr!

Imelda says

Oh photo is posted on my blog.

yippyhippie says

hey you gotta play at this theatre in williamsburg va kinda small but it would be way farout if you would come! its called the kimball theatre! pretty please come one year i would probably cry with tears of joy im not gonna lie (that kinda sounds creepy doesn't it?) oh well but ummm yeah think about it please?