Back in Brooklyn

By JoCo August 20, 2007

Got back last night after a fantabulous couple of weeks away from almost everything (I confess, I couldn’t stop myself from at least checking my email a few times). I’m starting the catching up process now and should be finished in about 11 months, at which point it will be time for vacation again. Thank you for all your summer cocktail suggestions, each one was more delicious than the last.

Many things coming up, I’ll be doing a big mailing and post today (hopefully). Summer’s over…


Trampas says

Welcome back!

I was looking for a new desktop background, and typed "sexy geek" into google image search (large size only).... you will NEVER guess who's picture came up!!!

...wish GIS would list ME as a sexy geek.... *seething jealousy*

Leigh says

Hope the beaches were full of beach-y goodness.

While you were sitting in the sun, I was sitting in a classroom taking a summer music class. What was my final project topic, you ask? Why, JoCo, of course! So, I must thank you for providing excellent paper/presentation material (and possible senior thesis material?!). Please continue to be awesome.

Jon Who says

No! Don't say that, Britain has hardly had a summer! I'm half glad I'm getting away. Good to know you are appropriately refreshed.

Nikki says

Woohoo! You're back!
Glad to hear your vacation went swimmingly. And now I'm excited because I get my songs! This is truly glorious. :O

Roman Verzub says

Everyone is dying to know (but not in a non-living way) was it the old furry lobster or the new ugly,small,disgusting lobster?

Lindsay says

I just want to let you know that you made my day with your JoCo is back email... I shall see you, sir, in Boston :)

And, because I'm wicked cool - I'll be at the So You Think You Can Dance show the night before you're coming to Somerville. I honestly don't know how that weekend could get any better...

LSK says

Does this imply another TAW series?

Kerrin says

Yeah Britian has not had a great summer. I'm glad I'll be in the big apple in a mear 2 days! You better have nice weather there or I'll be getting my money back ;)

Welcome back

Tristan says

Another TAW series would be brilliant.

Jon Who says

Another TAW would be good, but I get the feeling it would almost kill JoCo.

JoCo says

Yeah, I'd like to do another one too, but I don't think it's in the cards. Back when nobody knew who I was I had all the time in the world, but these days there's just too much travel, email and bidness to take care of. Someday, perhaps after I sink into obscurity.

Tristan says

I'd be happy with a Thing A Month

Jon Who says

What you need is a double who can do your touring and just hope no-one notices it's lip synced.

Gina says

Perish the thought! No double could even approximate the charisma that beams off the stage when JoCo is there. Or delight the audience with the jokes in between songs. Let the double do the bidness stuff instead.