I’m on Vacation

By JoCo August 4, 2007

Such as it is – when you never really “go to work” anyway it’s hard to figure out how to actually take a vacation. Such problems! I will be in a beachy place for the next couple of weeks, so I may be extra slow in answering emails and posting things here. I am, however, willing to take suggestions as to what delicious summer cocktail I should be enjoying while I’m here.

I will also eat lobster.


dragonrose says

Old lobster or new lobster? That is the question.

Glenn Peters says

I hope the lobster is delicious and furry.

Tristan says

Eat some sand, seriously, what if everyone has just been NOT eating sand and you're missing out on something amazing?

Colleenky says

I suggest a Mojito, my new favorite drink. Very refreshing. Perfect for lounging in beachy places.

Dean says

Enjoy your vacation!

Try a tropical drink with lots of fruit and alcohol and a little umbrella. If you're drinking it on the beach, then don't forget to hydrate with some water.

Growing up in New England, we had lobster all the time. I still enjoy it. I've discovered lobster bisque soup. If you get the chance, try that. I know an restaurant that has the best.

Anton says

I'll second the Mojito, and add a Gin and Tonic and maybe a Tequila Martini.

Hank says

Ah, the giant insect that contains within its carapace the taste of purest silk.

I say the best tropical drink is a PBR poured into a coconut shell.

Roman Verzub says

He's not eating the furry lobster, because those are apparently extinct, and the new one is ugly, small, and disgusting according to the song.

Demetrius says

"delicious summer cocktail?"

I can't think of anything more appropriate than a Zombie...

Creme de Almond 1/2 oz.
Rum, light 1 oz.
Rum, overproof/151 proof 1/2 oz.
Triple Sec 1/2 oz.
Orange Juice 1 1/2 oz.
Sour Mix 1 1/2 oz.
Cherries/Maraschinos 1 whole

Shake everything except the 151 rum in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a collins glass over ice and float the 151 on top. Garnish with a cherry.

Luke M says

Vodka tonic with lime. Crisp. Or anything containing four or more fruit juices mixed with three or more liquors/liqueurs. Avoid drinks with "nudge nudge" type names. And beware the shell-sucking octopoids. We'll see you tan, rested and ready in S.F. this fall :)

Luke M says

By the way, our four-year-old loves singing "IKEA" -- hey, Garcia did a kids' record...

manstraw says


And I thank you for seeking revenge those bastard *new* lobsters.

Dan says

Enjoy the lobster.....lol

Gle3nn says

You're going to a beachy place so it is only fitting that you drink a "Sex On The Beach" it would be more appropriate if this was May.
And you will never get hungry at the beach. When you need food, you can just eat from the sand which is there.
Have fun.

manstraw says

you know, I should say this. someone like you, who doesn't really 'go to work', but is so net connected has an obvious thing they should do.

1) you shouldn't be reading this.

2) you need to dis-co-nect. missing n notwithstanding, you'll get a real vacation if you don't have net access or a cell phone, or any of those techonology traps. it ain't the zombies that eat your brain.

algae says

This is desperately off-topic, but I'm very very happy that you added a Portland OR show.

Steve says

Mojitos are a great way to enjoy a beachy-esque locale. They're also a great way to put yourself into a diabetic coma.

Gle3nn says

comas are a good way to disconnect from the world.

D.J. says

Have a great time! I know nothing at all about cocktails, except that Tom Cruise movie. I wouldn't go around having THAT on your vacation. ;)

Justin says

If eating lobster happens to be code for "in Maine" and you're in need of ideas for places to go, let me know.

BobCat says

Piña Colada, since you're on Cape Cod.

Luke M says

Is it me, or does "eating the furry old lobster" sound filthy? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Gina says

I fourth the Mojito vote. So refreshing! Make sure it's made from scratch. Mixes are nasty.

Matt says

If you're going somewhere warm, see if they will do you a Pimms. Make sure there's lots of fruit in it. Refreshing and delicious.

JJ says

I'll second Hank's PBR recommendation, but if that's too low brow for ya, I suggest a mint julep. Like a mojito, but with bourbon!

kathy says

grapefruit and campari. have a delicious time.

Don says

while I have no >specific

Don says

"Fixing" Previous commnet due to apparently including bad characters.

while I have no specific suggestions on cocktails, I do recommend you visit http://www.drinkboy.com/ and learn every thing you might ever want to know about cocktails.

meg says

A gin rickey always hits the spot!

Kathleen McGee says

Try a Thai Mojito. I live in Maine, the land of lobsters, but when I visited NYC in June [my daughter lives in Brooklyn] we went to a place that served Thai Mojitos....amazing. These Thai mojitos had lychee nuts and lychee juice as well as lime and mint.

I was setting up for an art show, one of the biggest in Maine, when one of your songs came on my neighbor's boom box. Amazing! [shop vac song]. We made fast friends.

Paul says

I live pretty close to Margaritaville so I'm partial to those - but a rum & Coke will suffice as an alternative. For eats, try some conch fritters, a blackened grouper sandwich or some nice swordfish. Key Lime pie, PROPERLY made, has been known to make my toes curl...

Janet says

By the way, good job leaving NYC during the tornado season. Add ESP to your singer/songwriter resume.

Dan says

I might possibly make a rap cover of one of JoCos songs...

Stacy says

Definetly a Mojito! Definetly shouldn't be here.. disconnect right away.. and if Lobster = anywhere on the New England coastline right now.. sorry for the poor weather. We try to accomodate vacationers, but Mother nature just isn't cooperating this year.

tang says

I sugest having a pina colada. By the way, whats up with the missing podcasts? I really enjoy them. Well, have a nice trip.

P.S. - aren't you supposed to be on the moon?

Dave says

If you are still lounging around on a sandy type area at the moment and looking for cocktail suggestions, i've always been partial to amf's (adios mother fu****) looks fruity, but it gets the job done. by the way... i can't get enough of your music, pure genius.

johnny says

Perfect for hot weather: a Karolina Krunk - Gin & Tonic with a shot of lemon juice and orange juice.

Bonus: If you drink enough of them, the quinine in the tonic will help with any malaria you might catch.


Natascha says

I know you're on vacation, but when will the next PopSci pod cast be up??? Every time I "refresh" my podcasts I sit in anticipation hoping that the little orange swirly thing will pop up next to the PopSci line.... Alas, I've been disappointed repeatedly. *sob*

Scott says

Rum Punch. Delicious and fruity. If that's the kind of thing you're into. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Charlie North says

I've just got back from my hols and I tryed a Vodka Fizz, very nice! Recommened! C.

Eric Ginsberg says

I can't be the only one who saw last night's Colbert Report ripping off both JoCo's song and Len's art for "That Spells DNA". I just can't. Anyone?

Demetrius says


I saw it! I was hoping JoCo would be Colbert's special musical guest and sing "That Spells DNA". ...but, no such luck!

rbl says

Order a swimming pool. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

Eric says

Was I the only one who heard the piece on NPR's Morning Edition featuring songs about the (ex-)planet Pluto and was flabbergasted that "I'm Your Moon" was not included?