Best Cover Songs

By JoCo July 25, 2007

The NY Post published a list of the best 100 cover songs, and they put my version of “Baby Got Back” at #2 between Dolly Parton’s “Stairway to Heaven” and The Bangles’s’ss’ “Hazy Shade of Winter.” Admittedly this list is “in no particular order” so it doesn’t mean I did the second best cover song ever. Still, it’s quite nice to be nestled amongst all those ladies…


Dave says

In general, "nestled amongst the ladies" is a fine place to find oneself. I love the Dolly cover of "Stairway to Heaven." It does the best thing a cover song can do, bring something new to the song and make you hear it differently with a new interpretation of the same melody and lyrics.

Glenn Peters says

I really love that cover of Hazy Shade of Winter. Haven't heard the Dolly Parton cover.


yukaduk says

The Post, the Times, Popular Science - what's next - the Wall Street Journal review of "Till The Money Comes"?

Kerrin says

Being listed along with 'commercial' artists just goes to show how powerful this internet thing is! Go Creative Commons!

Mike says

They in "no particular order" place you at number 2 and then have the gall to not put your picture between shots of Dolly Parton and Marilyn Manson! What gives?

Andrea says

Yesterday on the train I was musing how fun it would be if someone were to take one of your original songs and make a rap version.

(It would have to be someone with authentic rap skills, though, not just a different geeky white guy who once wrote a rap on the solar system as a class project.)

Rob says

That's extremely great. One thing, does it hurt that they call you a "myspace" white boy?

Janet says

"Myspace white boy" is up there on a par with "shaggily handsome." That sum-you-up-in-a-faintly-embarrassing catch phrase that people just can't stop humming.

Michael says

I may be behind... but I also saw a similar list on Best Week Ever. You're #2.... sandwiched between (#3) Simon and Garfunkel and (#1) Led Zeppelin)!

Michael says

Rather, my above note should read.... The NY Post got that list from here...

Patrick M says

I assume when you say, "nestled amongst those ladies" you're just referring to Dolly Parton..?

Darias says

Funny that this should get posted today. I finally got myself motivated to taking my small collection of random covers (some live recordings from concerts, some off TV) of various artists.

I've got Garth Brooks (Turn the Page), Foo Fighters (Stairway, Blackbird, and Carry on my Wayward Son, and Tiny Dancer), Ozzy (Purple Haze), and some of those freakish Tori Amos covers. Some of these are fantastic, some of them *cough*ToryAmos*cough* are unsettling to say the least.

Grats on the recognition though "white boy". :)

Lindsay says

You are the captain of awesome. Can't wait til you make your way back to boston - love seeing you live! :) Plus, where else can you sing Brookline and have people actually get it?

Chuck says

Damnit...Patrick beat me to it. ;-)

Jeff says

Well deserved sir, well deserved.

Luke M says

I *so* badly want Elvis Costello to cover "Someone Is Crazy."

Jon says

It may just be me, But I think Famous Blue Raincoat is better. It's hard to get that one approved, since Leonard Cohen isn't even happy with his version, but I love that track.

Damon says

Luke, Costello would be cool, but I wanna see Stephen Colbert do a deadpan version of "Someone Is Crazy". I can see it in my mind so clearly.

Hey, JC! Here's a song idea for you that I thought of recently:

All the lyrics are things you say to your kids that you'd never have expected to come out of your mouth. Some of mine are "Just eat your chocolate" and "Don't put that on the cat".

Jeff says

Agreed Jon, i like that cover better too =P

craig says

too bad they don't link to the actual recordings in the story...

Martha Rose says

Your Baby Got Back cover deserves to be at #1 in a list in a very particular order. ^_^ Congrats.

Marc says

You deserve it, you rock :)

HopefulNebula says

You were also in the Rocky Mountain News' collection of lists for that. See the website I've listed as "my" URL for it; I'm not sure if you allow HTML in comments.

pip coburn says

I think the casting for SkullCrusher Mountain should just about now be complete... pip

Rob Balder says

Luke, if Elvis Costello covers a JoCo song, my vote is for Kennesaw Mountain Landis. ^_^

And WTG on making this list, Jonathan!

Tawm says

I'm not really a fan of the Bangles cover mentioned, but you definitely deserve a spot on that list. Congrats!

Renee says

Just saw this article this morning, and had to share. :)

Check in to the Ikea bridal suite for a flat-pack honeymoon

Mel says

Congrats, JoCo!! Thrilled to see you being exposed.
I mean, not that way. anyway, yeah, good job and well deserved. When I first heard your cover of Baby Got Back, I sent it to everyone I knew because it was nearly technically perfect and just really outstanding.

Isaac says

Congratulations. [Big fan, first time blog poster and stuff.]
Also, I had no idea you did that Bacteria song. I found it from the Annoying Music Show and thought it was a neat little ditty.

Poet says

Just sliiiiightly unrelated, but I wasn't sure where I should post it. I thought your song was clerverly funny! I heard it on the youtube video (thought i'd post it in case you hadn't heard it there before... it goes well with the video WoW video).

Jonathan Ramsey says

This brother can't deny.

That is excellent! Congratulations!

SevinPackage says

If you would like to check out a video edit of the original Sir Mix-A-Lot video re-synced to JoCo's cover, check it out here:

Bill says

They didnt pick "Bills, Bills, Bills" also!!?? No joke, your version is one of my favorite songs ever! So much better than the original!

Darryl says

How coincidental. I am trying to win VIP tickets to Bumbershoot where I'm finally gonna see JoCo by putting together a "mix tape" (Ultimate CD) of cover tunes by previous and future Bumbershoot artists. My theme was "Bumbershoot: Unoriginals", meaning covers. And of course, "Baby Got Back" is on there.

Have a peek -- I've got links to all of the tunes except Sera Cahoone. Would appreciate a vote today and tomorrow (Wed = last day.) Thanks!

Devil says

I saw a film with a great song, and they say it jonathancoulton song.
I loved it, the film was funny but the song was great.