Which is Spookier?

By JoCo July 23, 2007

Is it:

1) a Mandelbrot Set the size (and perhaps even the shape) of the known universe,


2) an image of me (or perhaps Dr. Zaius) found in a stain on a hardwood floor in a house in CT that I have NEVER VISITED OR STAINED?
JoCo on the floor

(Thank you David and Alexander.)


Jeremy Henty says

Looks to me like someone dropped a hot coin on the floor.

Kerrin says

Now there is a way to spread the word that jonathan coulton rocks (softly), brand his image on hard wood floors around the world...probably a good idea to put the web address, or at least his name though....as long has he can't be traced back to the house....then he might get in trouble for vandelism.

Andrine says

I'm going to go with the spooky stain, because although the mandlebrot set does illicit cries of "look at the colors, man" if you've seen one mandlebrot set, you've seen them all, right?

Jeremy Henty says

Andrine(@3), it's worse than that; if you've seen one mandlebrot set, you've seen them all infinitely many times! That's universality for you!

Jon Who says

Is it possible to stain a floor without having visited the location of the board? I wouldn't say the mandelbrot set is spooky, on the other hand however I can't see a face in the stain so what do I know?

Javier says

That's one badass fucking pareidolia!

See you at the Milkboy.

Colleenky says

I think that the Mandelbrot Set video *must* be set to Dark Side of the Moon, or Thus Spoke Zarathustra, or something equally trippy. I don't have the equipment. Someone, please do this! ;-)

Dan Coulter says

I think it looks more like Che Guevara... the stain, not the Mandelbrot set.

Janet says

I was thinking that the floor design was some kind of zombie Jackie O, but as I looked at it, I realized it was shaggily handsome.

Luke M says

Unless JoCo will be played in the biopic by Ron Perelman, I call shenanigans.

Luke M says

Also, upside down, that is clearly a miraculous image of a Canadian baby selling a vacuum cleaner.

Dean says

He's been showing up on my money


manstraw says

I saw Jesus in both of those.

And an elephant. Lying on it's back. Wearing a hat.

LSK says

Definitely Dr. Zaius.

Demetrius says

The Face On The Dining Room Floor

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To post at JoCo's website - jonathancoulton dot com
And as songs and witty stories came with every click
The newest post, the Man's own face emblazoned in a pic.

Paul says

Looks more like Jeff Lynne to me.

Shaded Spriter says

I feel like I am about to turn into a giant space baby...

Jack O'Neill says


Demetrius says

Dr. Zaius on the Simpsons...

Van Conner says

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