JoCo Crosses the Pond

By JoCo July 17, 2007

That is what the headline will read if sometime in the future I am actually able to set up a tour in the UK and/or Europe in general. I hope to do this, and really, we’re trying to figure out how to make it work. From looking at Eventful demands I can see that there’s a nice cluster of willing fans in London and the UK, which is great. London is an obvious place to set up an anchor gig.

But here’s where I could use your help, dear internet. Ideally there would be more than the one London show – it’s kind of a long trip over the ocean you know. And I have a terrible sense of what’s over there, where people live, how far apart everything is, etc. (Europe is in Vermont, right?) So speak up foreigners: assuming I do a London show sometime (maybe later this year), where else should I hit? And all you people who signed up for a generic UK demand on Eventful: where do you live? And to the two people in the Berlin demand: you got any friends? Finally, if there are secret pockets of fans anywhere over there who haven’t yet signed up for a demand on Eventful, now’s the time to make some noise:


Tom says

I hope you don't want a Twinkie.

Chase says

I don't know who the other two folks are but count me for JoCo in Berlin! I would bring my wife, too, but I realize that 4 people does not a profitable trip make, so hopefully a few more people will pop up. I just signed up for myself at Eventful, so the official count is now 3.

Andy says

::clicking "join" button on Eventful like crazy but nothing is happening:: Manchester! Come to Manchester! ...Except, it's three hours' drive from London. But, we've got lots of nice things in Manchester. Like ... rain?

ihatemornings says

Oxford, baby. I'm playing at the Oxford Geek Night ( next week - how's that for a captive audience. 150 webheads in a pub... I was thinking of playing Code Monkey to unearth the JoCo fans. I'll do better than that - my mission will be to get everyone there on Eventful by the end of next week. These people live for Web 2.0. It's a winner.

As for London, may I recommend the 12 Bar Club ( I've seen dozens of great gigs there, and it's perfect if you're looking for a smaller venue as an extra date.

If you book them, they will come.

Andrea says

Make that 5 for Berlin. Or wait, I'll drag a friend along, so 6. (Same problem with the Eventful site as Andy.) Would love to see you, hope you can make it. :-)

Sam Beaven says

I live in Worcester and have indoctrinated several friends into the Church of JoCo, but that's way out in the sticks. Birmingham might be a good bet, as it has good travel links and is fairly central.

Chris Radcliff says

"I’ll do better than that - my mission will be to get everyone there on Eventful by the end of next week."

Ben Walker is my hero.

~chris the Eventful guy

Luke M says

Come to Manchester! …Except, it’s three hours’ drive from London.

Is that considered far in Europe?

Jeremy Henty says

I'm pinging the local newsgroups to raise interest in a Cambridge gig. Any other Cambridge fans reading this? I reckon the Portland Arms would be ideal.

James Burton says

I live in Northampton (right in the middle of [southern] England).But, as it's unlikely there'll be many JoCo fans here, I'll settle for London, or Birmingham maybe.
Actually, that Oxford geek night sounds pretty fun!

Bob says

Are you going to go around with your ding dong hanging down ?

Brian Heason says

We`re Over Here Jonathan, but we love your music even if you don`t love us!!Nah dude come on over to the U.K and if you fancy calling in on Robin Hood country Nottingham, we`ll try our very best to look after you.

AJS says

[i]"Come to Manchester! …Except, it’s three hours’ drive from London."

Is that considered far in Europe?[/i]

Have you seen the gas prices over there?

Nils says

Please come to Hamburg, Germany. You know: The Beatles started there career here (not in the U.K. :-P )! Back then, they conquered the world - from Hamburg. It's just a little leap over the English Channel. :-) We will give you a warm welcome and sometimes in the future you can tell you grandchildren, you saw the Reeperbahn.

Jon Who says

I'm down in Cornwall (South-West) and there's not a huge number of fans here (yet...) but I can get to London relatively easily. I, however, can't think of what other places you might want to go to.

Andy says

@ John M etc:

Far enough so that I wouldn't be able to make the London gig ::frown::

Alex says

Manchester would be great!

Kerrin says

Of course there are other fans in Cambridge, I am! And my partner is too. And I will 'force' all my work friends along too. And 3 hour drive is a long while when you can drive from one side of the country to the other in not much more.

Ellen says

Come to London!
There are many excellent venues.
Hell, if you hit the UK in June 2008, come to my wedding!

Manchester and Birmingham as previously suggested are both excellent choices. You might also consider somewhere like Leeds. And what about Scotland? Glasgow or Edinburgh maybe?

Richard says

Sorry Nils, I've got to correct you - The Beatles started their career in Liverpool... But Hamburg undoubtedly played a HUGE part in their career. Anyway, that's a discussion for some other time.

I live in Bognor Regis in West Sussex on the south coast, about 75 miles from London. I wouldn't expect you, JoCo, to play here but there are plenty of bigger towns/cities all over the place. Along the south coast there's Brighton (London-on-Sea to some), Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth... Basically the UK is a lot more than just London, though of course London is a huge city in many ways.

Three hours isn't a huge drive, no, but distances are quite different in the UK than in the US, it's true. Look on a map and see how many towns and cities are crammed into these little islands of ours...

Lindsay says

"(Europe is in Vermont, right?)"


JoCo makes me giggle

Come back to Boston again!

Jon Who says

Once you pass Bristol, there's not an awful lot to the west, mostly fields and beach. Though my geography's never been brilliant.

YetAnotherChris says

Unbelievable! I will now sign up for your mailing list so I don't miss out on any London gigs -
P.S. - since you've been so well received by NPR, why not introduce yourself to the folks at BBC radio while you are here? I bet they would invite you round to record a session.

Demetrius says

Only slightly off topic... What would it take to get JoCo on the Tonight Show? I know Jay Leno's producers are always looking for content. And, I'm sure some clever person could find their contact information online. Do they respond to public outcry?

patrice says

Somebody mentioned petrol (as it is called in the UK) prices.

I would keep that in mind, Jonathan, that the UK is definitely an expensive place.

But Europeans are generally very welcoming and I am sure most of the guys/gals who are into your music would be happy to house you, feed you, and show you around while you are there. (Maybe even drive you from A to B. Public transport, however, is pretty good; and prices are reasonable in some countries. Relevant info should be available on the net; probably also some roundtrip package at a reduced price. Some budget airlines are also cheap if you book well in advance.)

GaietyGirl says


Ok, sure, it's not in the UK, but if you're going to be heading all the way to London, then what's a few miles more? *hopeful expression*


Nils says

@ Richard: Naa, that's only a myth! They started here in Hamburg! You can ask every Hamburger... :-) - So, Jonathan: How do you feel about this?

JoCo says

I'm pretty sure the Beatles started in Colchester, CT. Also, I will gladly play Hamburg, but I will only play Skiffle, and I will be hopped up on amphetamines.

Alison says

I went to a gig in the Rock Garden Covent Garden recently - - lots of bands there playing all different kinds of music - most if not all unsigned. That was a Weds - battle of the bands, there's also Sunday 'Platform' and 'Making it Live' not sure if this would be your bag but it's a good venue, they've given it some attention since I last went some years ago - a small venue so if you had a small dedicated crowd - perfect! Good luck with the trip.

Alison says

Sorry, I should say that is in London, UK. Not Vermont.

Eric Ginsberg says

Hey John, can I get travel and per diem to be your road manager, roadie, and run your merch table? I'll take care of stuff like lodging, travel arrangements, finance management, etc. You have my number. Let me know.

Eric says

Here is an idea - fly out of BOSTON and the night before play a show .. make some travelin money!

shine says

Oh - awesome!!!

I'm in Sheffield, so Leeds/Manchester would be best for me, but I'd totally arrange to go down to London to see you.

Alrak says

Yay! Well Kent, London...somehwere down south would be awesome! I'll be there!

manstraw says

dude, like, practice on Canada first eh. you still don't have that one down yet. :)

Luce says

Another vote for Oxford and I can bring at least 3 people!

Richard says

Of course, JC's right, The Beatles DID start in Colchester, CT. I read it on Wikipedia.

Fellow says

Heh; one more petition from me. I'll see about encouraging some friends.

glych says


*patiently waits for Joco to come back to Minneapolis.

Vladimir says

"glych Says:
July 19th, 2007 at 6:59 pm"

Waiting For JoCo?

"It's too much for one man. ...On the other hand what's the good of losing heart now, that's what I say. We should have thought of it a million years ago, in the nineties."

Wheeliebinland says

I'd be up for Cambridge, Cambs, UK

Not sure how well the thing works. It ended up telling me I'd voted for Falmouth which is about 300 miles from here.

Mattie says

London, London, London! :)

Still, if you made the effort to come all the way to the UK, I could make the effort to go to where you were playing. Seeing JoCo live would make my year (and have no fear that all my friends would come, willingly or not).

Sam says

Come to London - masses of venues all different sizes! (I could send you a list)

Why not a festival? Get with some London musicians like Adem because the guy knows every sort of weird and wonderful music and always seems to have room for more...

Oxford & Cambridge - plenty of geeks, Bristol likewise, how about Edingburgh?

See you soon we hope.

Mike says

London is probably the best place to do it. Normally, capital cities will have the most spectators.

Stephen says

Oooh... Manchester would be excellent...

A good one for all us northerners to get to :)

Owen says

Scotland! Idealy inverness at somewhere like the iron works. Or maybe edinburgh. Just somewhere up north. In reality I'll travel to where ever is needed with enough notice, but edinburgh > further north is ideal. Just not glasgow.

Kerrin says

Why not Glasgow? What's wrong with it, other than it is a little too close to Edinburgh? ;)

Kelly says

I'm having trouble with the Eventful site, too, but I'd really love to see you coming to Hamburg if it's possible at all.

Matt says

London would be good. Cambridge is a great gig town.
I think you'd go over well in Oxford or Bath, as well, Mr. Coulton.

All of those shows, I would attend!

Pete says

Oxford is closer to me, and would be much more convenient, but even if you don't play there, you can still count on me at the London gig.

Umgah says

Come to Edinburgh! Or failing that, London. In fact, both. But be forewarned, we may not let you leave. You'll like living here. We'll give you plenty of newspaper to keep the rain off, and the local foxes can show you how to forage for food. It can be a cross-cultural hobo exchange.

Maggy says

Hello ! I am french and I discovered your name in a french newspaper called "Courrier international". I listened to your music and I am a fan now !!
I will be glad to travel to London if you come in Europe, what a good idea !!!

Justin says

1 person demands you from Hilo, Hawaii :( ...Come for the weather! (tropical storm cosme is gone now) annnnnd its still raining. Come to hilo, and fly to kona for the weather.

mattpatt says

So, uhh, New Zealand is kinda the opposite direction, but you should come here anyway.

Gretchen says

If you come to Manchester, I will totally come to the show, and get all of my friends to come too. You would be well loved.

Nick says

I'd come along to the London one. I'd like to bring the wife + kids if you can find a family-friendly place/time.

Kitty says

Come to London in the beginning of October, when I'll actually be there.

I don't live in the UK, but I will totally come see you, since--tragedy of tragedies--you played in my hometown 3 DAYS before I had ever heard of (and fallen in love with) your music.

Eleanor says

You very much ought to come to Europe! London would be awesome for me, and I have at least 3 friends who would love to tag along, as well. Oxford and Cambridge would be very popular, too, I would imagine. Also, as someone said above, trains and buses are wonderful over here, so it's relatively easy to get around (you can get from London Victoria to Oxford direct by a very spiffy bus with internet connection on board for quite a reasonable rate, for example). Flying from one European city to another is also easy and cheap with budget airlines like Easyjet, especially if you book well enough in advance.

oomu says

come to Paris !! we will learn english ! come to Paris!!

We will remove tourists from Eiffel Tower, come to Paris !

We will have sun, come to Paris !

We will bake croissants, come to Paris !

We will not say a bad thing about the marvelous US, come to Paris !

The girls will be the most beautiful in the world, come to Paris !

Maybe not "L'Olympia" for a start, but there are many great concert hall in Paris !

---ak says

indeed come to Paris. At the Maroquinerie or at the Passerelle - that would be simply great.

Kait says


Dublin, Dublin, Dublin, Dublin, Dublin Dublin, Dublin.


Thank you.

Simon says

Cambridge would be awesome, and it's less than an hour by train from London. Plus it's been mentioned in 6 comments here do the math(s). Plenty of geeks who I'm sure would appreciate your work :) plus it's a damn nice little town. If I end up not getting phd funding I'll make a special trip just to see the gig...promise.

Trashy says

Another vote for Scotland!

Edinburgh is best, or else Glasgow. You could come up here after playing in Manchester - it sounds like a plan to me!

Eamonn says

Another shout for Dublin here. There's plenty of good spots for a witty singer-songwriter to have a good night. And we're always up for a singalong.


Rob says

Oxford - that's the place to be.
Also, I'm a promoter - check out

Currently promoting gigs at a local pub (The Wheatsheaf), but was (until the refurb) at the Carling Academy Oxford, and may well go there for a bit of JoCo.

You and Richard Walters, now there's a gig I'd pay to see. Or maybe just put on.

(Oh, and as a programmer by day, I've joined that Oxford Geek thing - maybe a cross promotion?!)

DaveR says

A bit late perhaps, but my vote would be for Nottingham too - Rock City is the biggest regular music venue but there are plenty of smaller places if that's booked up. Nottingham's fairly central and easy to reach for the non-London types (travelling to London is hellish and expensive, even with the relatively tiny distances involved).

Iain says


Venue thoughts: Someone mentioned 12 Bar Club above - seem to remember it was nice and intimate (up to 120 standing, but I remember there being tables) when I saw Bert Jansch there about 12 years ago! Also very central, near Tottenham Court Road tube.

Apparently druggy guitar poet and professional hat-wearer Pete Doherty did a "secret" gig there in April...

Get A Trip says

I am a little late with this post, but couldn't resist a comment as I have just been introduced to your music. Awesome! I sure wonder how it turned out for you in Europe. I am in the United States , but will research where you'll be playing next and yeah I'll bring some friends along. I feel honored to even be on your blog. Very nice stuff you do... till the next concert...