More Geek Honors

By JoCo July 9, 2007

Will the internet never cease to bless me with these small but wonderful signs of creeping cultural significance? Over at Instructables you can learn how to make your own Big Warm Fuzzy Secret Heart in ten easy steps. Thanks for the tip Claude…


Eric Ginsberg says

I love you.

Sujin says

This gives me yet another reason to learn to sew. Oh, the things being a JoCo fan has brought into my life.

Billy says


Thanks for mentioning one of our projects, we're glad you liked instructables. If you thought the fuzzy secrete heart was interesting you should check out some of our other projects. Right now we have a few contests going on. If you check their pages here and here you can find all the great projects that have been submitted.

Christine says

Ohhhh... what a great idea. I think I'm going to have to design & knit a Fuzzy Secret Heart for my favorite Code Monkey. I'll give it to him with a 6-pack of Mountain Dew. *grin*

Paul says

Billy, I like the "secret" heart idea but adding that "e" makes it rather disturbing.

EDification says

I got my big warm fuzzy secret heart due to a series of crippling diseases and conditions that slowly kill me in the most painful way possible. I'm soon going to die a sweaty bloody mangled mess in a testing facility.

That's cool though, good to see one of my favorite artists getting at least a small fraction of the recognition he deserves.

CarrieP says

Anyone else remember the kid's book "A Warm Fuzzy Tale?" It was this hippie book about how being nice to each other and sharing can change the world...extremely allegorical and didactic, but I love it nontheless. And some very colorful artwork...