Code Monkey Anime

By JoCo July 9, 2007

I’ve been trying to avoid calling attention to particular videos as they come in (I don’t like to play favorites – I love all my children equally), but this one has been receiving a lot of attention on the old netterwebs, and deservedly so because it is awesome. Footage is from the anime “Black Heaven.” Check it out

As you know (don’t you?), this and many other fan-made things like it are constantly being added to the You page.


Rob says

Holy Crap that's good! I mean

Kerrin says

When I first saw it I thought, 'Wow, an anime artist made a video for Code Monkey!'

I now realize that it is just re-used footage and overlaying. The quality of editing on this is amazing!

Ultra slick!

Spiff says

It's like that show was made with Code Monkey in mind. Freaky... ;)

Dean says

0 0
> wow
= /

That was incredible. Really good. Professional.

Great Job!

Benor says

Black Heaven is an awesome anime.

Zapatos says

This was entered in the Anime Music Video contest at Anime Expo last week, and the explosion of cheers that went up when it was introduced filled my heart with joy.

matthewvb says

this was amazing! great work!

manstraw says

at the risk of sounding redundant, that is freaking awesome. if you didn't tell me that footage was from something else, I would have instantly believe it was all custom animated just for CM.

monkies rule!

Wilfredo Hernandez Jr says

I saw this video win an award at Metrocon just this Sunday too. I was blown away because not only was it your song, Mr. Coulton, but it was amazingly well made as well. It easily deserved the top spot, and it makes me want to see the show so bad too. Thanks for bringing more attention to it!

Patrick M says

The only thing that would have made it better is if at the end the main character went through his monitor and came out the other side as Morten Harket.

But that's asking too much, so just: good job.

CrazyDreamer says

Incidentally, those wanting the full-quality version of this video may find it on ( for your downloading pleasure. Studio Hybrid proves that it's one of the best once again.

amy says

what are the lyrics to this song ??

Karen Anderson says

This is my favorite; as much as I admired the cleverness of the WoW version, this, I believe, came closest to capturing the spirit of the song.

stesma says

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