Some Kind of Octosquid?

By JoCo July 6, 2007

An undetermined species of a squiddish/octopuseous nature was caught in the filtration system of a natural energy laboratory in Hawaii last week. Check out the picture, it really does look like a squid and an octopus got married and had a baby. Scientists are checking it out now and they’re guessing it’s genus Mastigoteuthis but it could be a new species. If it is they’ll need a name – may I humbly suggest “Mastigoteuthis JoCo?”

Thanks Michael for sending this in…


jthens says

i've only been awake for a half hour and already that octopus song is running through my head. it's going to be a good day!

Wilson Fowlie says

PZ Myers (the biologist who writes the Pharyngula blog) has an item about it too:

Roman Verzub says

The contact info for the NELHA. If they're the one who will be responsible for naming the new creature, they would be the ones we would have to email recommending "Mastigoteuthis Coulton" or the like. Great story by the way.

Glenn Peters says

And it was on Cephalopodcast first! (Well, first I saw it.)

Maybe they can call it a JoCtopus.

What about Mastigoteuthis Skullcrusher?

Celeste says

I bet it crushes everything.

Dash says

I guess the "Ruby Red Squidopussy" is a little too on the nose...
I'm here all week,try the veal !!!

Stacey Leggieri says

How odd. I was just listening to "Some Kind of Octopus" today, bopping along to the beat while completing a paperwork project.

By the way, I hope that song gets added to the Song Slide page. I'd like to pay more than a buck for it. I figure it probably got me through my work about an hour faster than otherwise, and my time is worth money. :)

minimo says

How red will their faces be when they figure out it's just a squid that swallowed an octupus!

First of May
First of May
Outdoor weddings start today...

manstraw says

great, and it's bright red! i'm even more scared of it than regular octopuses and squids.

Bob says

> it really does look like a squid and an octopus got married and had a baby.

There's gotta be a song in there somewhere.... :)

Rich says

Some kind of Octosquid...

Empty says

squidapus. It should and shall forever be known as the squidapus (to me.) The first move in a dangerous ocean offensive to whipe the land dwellers clean and take it for their own.