Popsci Video Contest Winner

By JoCo June 20, 2007

They’ve chosen a winner – I won’t spoil the surprise, just go here. Thanks to everyone who entered, there were some really great ones in there. I’m honored that you would all spend so much time working on something like this (even if you only did it for the iPod).


Spiff says

Congratulations winners!

CarrieP says

Dude, I think my ex is in one of the videos...

Chris says

Is it just me or does that link not work?

AiYume says

It's not just you.

Andrea says

Here's a working link.


BucketHat Bobby says

THat link doesn't work for me either

JoCo says

Oops, bad link. Fixed now...

sporksmith says

Thanks for the honorable mention, and a big congrats to Andrea and the other winners! There were a number of great entries that didn't get mentioned- everyone should check out the playlist of entries thoughtfully put together by Andrea: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=49E2A02DDD5DF4C8 .

Also thanks to popsci for hosting the contest, which finally got me and blackcatbon to make a video instead of just talking about it :)

sporksmith says

Oops- forgot to thank JoCo for creating awesome music and putting it on the internets for all of us to play with and enjoy :)

CarrieP says

Dude! It is my ex! Awesome!

Congrats to him and everybody who won! And those who just had fun playing.

Colleenky says

Yay! This was a lot of fun. I'm hoping there are more video contests to come. :-)

Colleenky says

Oops! Forgot to say *congratulations* to Andrea, whose video was way cute. And thanks for the ocmment. :-)

compwalla says

I have to agree with their decision. I watched them all and the stick figure one is my favorite.

Andrea says

Thanks for all the congratulations, everybody! As I said over on the popsci blog, I am really honored to have won from amongst such an amazing field of entries.

And JoCo, I didn't do it JUST for the iPod. But my old iPod is steam powered and holds five songs, so that part didn't hurt. :)

Demetrius says

"...only did it for the iPod"?? Oh... JoCo. Sure... *sure* we wanted the iPod. But, *just* so we could ever so gently touch the laser etching of your autograph and so could fill it up with *your* songs. We just wanted to have part of you to keep close to us. And, now you have cut us to the quick... Like daggers in our hearts your words are. DAGGERS, I say!!! :)

CarrieP says

steam-powered iPod, LOL!

Kerrin says

I'm am stunned at the quality of the videos, they are all so good.

Mike says

I wanted to add my video and my LOLFANTASTICS to the website, but submit user content seems to be broken.

Andrea says

Yeah, I couldn't get mine to go on the user content page either.

:) So CarrieP, which one is your ex?

JoCo says

Sorry about that - user content page should be fixed now (I think).

sporksmith says

I am the ex! (dun dun dun!)

Hi CarrieP :). Hearing from you was as unexpected but happy surprise!

CarrieP says

Same here, sporksmith.

Demetrius says

I re-rendered and uploaded a cleaner version of my video. It's only marginally better than the original after YouTube's recompression. But, you *can* almost make out the word "Sylar" on the clock. :)


Renee in Ohio says

Click my name for still images of some of the gags you might have missed in Demetrius' video.

Andrea says

Sylar - nice. Your pills look much cuter in this version.