SkyMall Captions

By JoCo June 12, 2007

Also, I keep meaning to post to these other things that make me laugh: captions written on SkyMall ads by my friend Melissa. There are these and also these others.


Kyle says

I once made a thread of these recaptioned SkyMall products on SomethingAwful:

Joseph says

Heheheh... I'll have to see if I can find any good ones when I fly in a couple days.

Larry says

That SkyMall Catalogue Jamboree really IS funny. Not sure if I want to bring something to read on my next flight after all...

Paul says

I did my entire Basic Psychology textbook like this, and even added some Bloom County characters. But my instructor just didn't get it. Guess I was just 10 years ahead of my time...

Matt says

I just flew down to Phoenix and back. Four flights and not a single Skymall to be found! Needless to say, I was highly disappointed.

Larry says

Let's say (like most of us!!) you don't have $$$ to actually fly anywhere....

If you can't control yoursely and absolutlely must -

Bah Bye!