Next Time: Private Jet

By JoCo June 11, 2007

Just to wrap up this Canada story: I was unable to get to Toronto at all this weekend. So the clever folks at NXNE had the idea to do the interview anyway via webcam. I sat in my Brooklyn studio in front of my iSight camera and did the Saturday afternoon interview with Clive who was sitting in front of a camera and an audience in Toronto. Played a couple of songs, took a couple of questions, drank a beer. It was yet another nice demonstration of the fact that to do this job, I really don’t need to leave the house.


Glenn Peters says

See, first you sell out, now you want a private jet flown by monkeys. I just don't know anymore.

Dawn says

Now now... private jets are not very eco-friendly! :)

Rafe says

Hey dude

It was great seeing your video there, even though you couldn't actually make it