Len’s Octopus

ByJoCo June 8, 2007

I didn’t have the time to post this yesterday, but Len drew a visual response to this song while he was listening to me record it. And he captured it all on video, which he then edited and put the finished song behind it. Crazy world.

Len's Octopus


Bassguy says

Which is why Creative Commons is so damn cool.

Liza says

The creative synergy is great to watch. Totally addicting and thrilling to be a part of the audience.

Happy Friday, everyone!

New Jonathan Coulton Song, "Octopus" says

[...]The feedback and practice from touring, being able to harmonize and collaborate with Paul and Storm, and just generally being a really talented singer/songwriter has resulted in a new song. It's well worth the wait[...]

CarrieP says

Kewl octopus pic. Any way to purchase prints of this?

Len says

I haven't thought about doing that, but I can make it possible. :)

Sobachatina says

Although a print would be cool what I would like is for it to be one of the patterns on T-Shirts at JoCo's merchandise section at cafe press. Along with the caption: "You make my insides outside."

Len says

Well, for now a print is available at Zazzle:


CinemaslaveJoe says

Great video, Len! (Had no idea that you were Len from Jawbone Radio... I enjoyed your Mike Nelson interview very much.)


Len says

Yes, he and I are one in the same. And thanks so much for the compliment. :)

Glenn says

When Len says, "he and I are the same". he means he and he -- his "I", not me, for I am my "I", not his. I hope that clarifies everything.

Janet says

I can't stand the fact that all the comments about Len's great video and drawing disappeared, leaving NO responses. Kudos to Len.