Canada to be Rocked

By JoCo June 7, 2007

I keep forgetting to mention this, and I have yet to get the mailing list set up on the new server here, so probably nobody will be there. Nice work, jackass! Still, I’m going to Toronto tomorrow to participate in NXNE. I’ll be doing a show on Friday night at 9 PM at The Reverb, and then Clive Thompson, author of a certain recent New York Times Magazine article, will do an onstage interview with me on Saturday at 4:30 PM.

There are various ticket options, from single event covers to fancy badges, all detailed on this page. Tell all your Toronto friends…


Deej says

I will, of course, be there!

Kevin says

Ahh! Short notice!

I'll talk to the frau, maybe we can change our plans!

Jen says

"...and then [Canadian] Clive Thompson..."

But I'm sure all your northerly readers already knew that.

"He's droll! He's clever! He's...Canadian!"

M_pony says

I almost hate to say this but.. Good thing your flight got mucked up. The first I'd heard of this was today and if I'd missed you playing in Toronto I'd have to have hurt myself.
I shall liberally apply myself to a mailing list so that the chances of this manner of injustice shall not happen again. :)