Attention Slaves of Me

ByJoCo June 7, 2007

There are a couple of projects I’ve been meaning to take care of for a long time, and I think it’s time to admit I don’t have room for them. It would be extremely awesome if there was someone out there with a little audio expertise who wanted to help out with these things – it doesn’t have to be someone with a world-class studio and golden ears, though ideally it would not be somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing at all. These would both take a lot of time, so I’m not against paying actual money to have them done. I can also pay with free merch, music and eternal thanks.

1) I’d like to start making some live recordings available. I have several recorded shows on CD of varying quality, but they all need to be trimmed into individual songs and could certainly stand a little mastering. I tried doing this myself with one show and it took many hours and still sounded bad. I would probably put these into my store, but I’d also want to use this Discrevolt site to sell them (I print fancy cards to sell at shows for 5 bucks that have a code that lets you download live tracks from my Discrevolt store).

2) I would love to make all source tracks from all songs freely available for people to play with – remixes, mashups, etc. Of course I have all the Pro Tools sessions right here on my hard drive, but the time it takes to export all the tracks and upload it to somewhere like ccMixter is a little daunting.

If anyone’s interested in working on either or both of these things, let me know and we’ll talk about how it would work.


Colleenky says

Unfortunately, that phrase "ideally it would not be somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing at all" prevents me from offering my services. As does the fact that I'm already so busy that I don't have any days off.

Eric Ginsberg says

Hey! You're gonna do the DiscRevolt thing! Awesome! I just put my new album out like that. First I copy your web-skills, now you get on board my DiscRevolt train. Nice. Also check out They're a competetor and there are up sides and down sides to both.

Jack O'Neill says

Source tracks!? Godly!

Rioexxo says

I've got time and the tools, (Soundforge). I have used Cakewalk and Soundforge for years to produce my own stuff. It would great to help you out. Email me please.

Bry says

I've already sent an e-mail to JoCo, but I thought I might as well leave a comment too. I'm up for helping get the source tracks online (although I don't have Pro Tools -- will that put a damper in things?).

BucketHat says

I'd love to help, but I've still got too much to learn in the Mixing and Mastering department.
I'm sure any of the other commentors would do a much better job than me. Haha.
Good Luck.

ihatemornings says

Hmmm... I'm due to finish a 'Mixing & Mastering in Pro Tools' course at the end of the month. If you're still looking for help in July, I would love to help out (until then I'm drowning in mixing coursework projects - a gloriously stressful feeling).

I'll keep an eye on the comments...

(btw. Octopus is wicked.)

Ken says

While I don't have any mixing/mastering skills, if the source track upload thing happens, I might have a go at doing a Soft Rocked By Me/We Will Rock You mash-up (or drop enough hints that would prompt someone else to have a go at it—there's only so many hours in a day)

Chris Higgins says

Hello sir,

I've been following your musical adventures for several years now, including seeing you live in support of Mr. Hodgman in Seattle at an 826 benefit. Loving the furry lobsters, monkeys, etc.

Anyhoo, I have many years of experience in live sound reproduction (primarily in indie rock clubs in Tallahassee, FL), though not a whole lot in EQ'ing recorded performances. I'd be happy to fix/sweeten/master your live sound recordings, provided you understand my general lack of serious experience. Might be best to start with one and see how we go from there, if you're interested.

I have recorded a bunch of indie bands live while running the Front of House board (not necessarily with their consent), including Mike Watt, Low, Son Volt, Ani DiFranco, MU-38, Modest Mouse, and a bunch more. I am provably not deaf. Have Macintosh, will travel. (Well, will not travel, but still.)

;Chris Higgins
;Portland, OR

Enrique Londaits says

Hi Jonathan

I'm a musician/arranger/songwriter-turned mastering engineer back in 1994-turned DVD author in 2000, and I have mastered and restored many different kinds of stuff, from rock to techno, classic to tango, you name it, I did it.
I live down in Argentina (born and raised here), and if you want to give it a try, I could edit and master one track of your choice and see how you like it.
I discovered your career in the recent NYT article, and I'm kind of fascinated of how things evolved and are still evolving. I'm 56, btw.
Best regards

Paul R. Potts says

If you were using Logic I would say "just throw me the Logic project for each song burned to a DVD, I'll level/compress each track and bounce them to MP3/WAVE/AIFF files and upload them." It's pretty easy to do that in Logic. Unfortunately I don't know from Pro Tools...

Paul R. Potts says

I could possibly do some mastering of live recordings for you, or at least try it and see how the results sound. I would use Logic/Ozone Izotope. I used that on the 2008 Pontiac show, but did not compress the result very aggressively, and that source audio was recorded from the back of the venue.