Octopus, Session 3

By JoCo June 6, 2007

Today 11ish EST: some vocals, maybe some shiny extras for extra shininess depending on how long the vocals take. I can’t believe I used to do this every week. Watch on my site or here.

Done for the day, mostly done with the song I think. I’ll let the mix sit overnight and see how it sounds tomorrow, there may be room for another tweak or two.


Jack O'Neill says

Great stuff!

Luke M says

I can't believe you did it at such a consistently high level of quality and creativity every week. I'm even more impressed having seen the process.

JY says

Don't know if this would technically be possible....but....for the next song, it would be cool if there were some way to give the audience the ability to see exactly what's happening on your computer screen.

Glenn Peters says

Be very careful letting it sit overnight -- octopi are famous for sneaky out of their cages and eating other fish (or songs).

Kerrin says

Another day to wait :(
Although I am in a different time zone so it is actually only 1/2 a day.

Janet says

And how the hell could it be any shinier?