Octopus, Session 2

By JoCo June 5, 2007

So I’m going to try this again – you can see the live stream at the top of the main page of my site, or you can go to http://ustream.tv/channel/joco-in-a-bubble where there’s a chat room and some other fancy stuff. Those of you who watched last time know the song is called Octopus, and it’s maybe about an Octopus or something (not really – it’s a metaphor!). I hope to nail down a bridge this afternoon.

Audio and video may be in and out again, we’ll see what happens.

OK: bridge is mostly there, needs words, a little more instrumentation to bring it in and out, but it’s mostly there. Next stop, vocals. Also maybe finish writing the lyrics. I may be able to tackle this tomorrow….


Dave Lifton says

Sounds like a cross between Big Bad World One and SkyMall. Me likey major sevenths!

Len says

Even though it's broken up, it makes for good working music.

Colleenky says

Still getting the "server full" message. After limited experimentation, it seems that I can't play anything from this site. I have to assume that the problem is with my system. :-p

Scott McKane says

As a musician, it's facinating to watch someone you listen to and admire in such a raw recording environment, as opposed to a slick, produced behind the music type of forum. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has found himself having to "hit rewind" and play thru the same part over and over til I get it right. What I've heard so far sounds great. Can't wait to hear the final product. Keep up the good work.

Em Townsend says

He scratched!
He stretched!
He cringed!
This is so fun to watch - I wonder how it feels to know 33 odd people are watching your every move. . . .

Janet says

Having a bunch of people watching over your shoulder while you do something creative & open-ended -- that would be the thing I would absolutely hate the most if I were in JoCo's place. I feel bad for him that I am here. But I am glad for me that I am here. This is how psychiatrists stay in business!

Glenn Peters says

Yay cephalopodastic new songs!

Jack O'Neill says

Brave to do, and appreciated. This is a man who likes who he is, and that's a good thing, folks.

Pirate Jenny says

Have you considered writing a song about two little girls who tear a doll limb from limb and throw it over a balcony? Just a thought.

PonderousMan says

I love the bridge, and the "waves" (or whatever you call it) are awesome - they make a great hook!

In the last playback, I could hear the words so far, and they are Classic Coulton. A song about someone, maybe an octopus, who rips people apart and then just goes way... "you make my insides... outside" Brilliant!

Thank you, JoCo, for giving us this view of how you create - it is fascinating to watch you work! I hope it doesn't put too much pressure on you... From outside the fish bowl, it *looks* like the creative process is going at a "normal" (sic), erratic pace, so maybe we will get to see more of this sort of thing in the future...

Ben Walker says

Amazing. I only caught the last 5 minutes, completely by accident. What a weird end to an otherwise average day:

1. Spend day sitting in tiny little studio room clicking, singing and recording potential smash hits.
2. Bunk off 'work' early to sit in sunny beer garden in Oxford chatting to a bloke about JoCo.
3. Get home to find JoCo streaming himself from his tiny little studio room into my tiny little studio room. Crazy.

JC, you're a hero. Keep 'em coming.

Matthew says

Missed it again, I wish there was some prior warning to these things...

JoCo says

Matthew: it's a one person flash mob. I never know when I'm going to have time either. But I'll do my best to give advanced notice when I can. Speaking of which, how's tomorrow at 11 or 12 EST?

®ioexxo says

8 am Phoenix Time!!!

Dan says

Em now its 34 XD

BucketHat says

While I was watching, it was pretty steady at 50 people.

I fid this really intrigueing.

Nat JM says

Missed it but i hope i can watch the next one.

I'm always curious to find out how other musicians work - though i'm not sure i could put myself in such a vulnerable situation, well done to you JoCo!

Gle3nn says

That was amazing watching that harmony build together so quickly. I wish I could stay and watch the rest but my monkeyboy has to get to school 20 miles away.
I can't wait to hear the song completed.

Luke M says

Sounds like another gratifyingly left-field lyric melded to an insanely catchy tune. I love this stuff.

Kerrin says

I missed yesterdays, but today it is sounding like a classic.

Octopus, you're some kind of octopus!

That is stuck in my head now.

Luke M says

"Pretty good" indeed.

Technology is fun!

winegeek says

Hey JoCo,
You're on intermission right now. Thank you for sharing your creativity. It seems like you really get in a zone. If you are stuck, or want to thrill your fans, get on ustream chat during your feed. There are minions who would love to say howdy! Nice song, by the way!

Luke M says

I don't suppose anyone transcribed those lyrics? I didn't think of it until after the break.

BucketHat says

The sound doesn't cut out as much now.

Luke M says

I think this is pretty close:


I still remember the words you said
They were hard enough to leave a mark
And now they echo inside my head
As I spiral down into the dark
I windmill upside down
Knowing you'll come at me again
And I feel your shadow pass above me

Octopus, some kind of octopus
Tearing my shell apart
Letting the sea get in
You make my insides outside

I don't think I ever saw you blink
You were so controlled that no one knew
And by the time we all stopped to think
We were already too close to you
And now you keep coming by
Telling me it's not what I think
But I know a murder when I see one

Octopus, some kind of octopus
Tearing my shell apart
Letting the sea get in
You make my insides outside

And far above me I can see the world
Receding slowly out of view
The sinking feeling that my worst mistake
Was all the time I spent with you

And so you said you'd try
But you never did; I guess we're done
Now pieces of me go drifting by
And I die in front of everyone
And you're already gone
Halfway back to wherever you sleep
And you make me wish I'd never met you

Octopus, some kind of octopus
Tearing my shell apart
Letting the sea get in
You make my insides outside

Shannon says

I don't see the link you say is at the top of th page JoCo

Zsandmann says

Great lyrics! I've missed the sessions as I don't have Java here at work, but look forward to the final song. I see the relationship you're setting up between the "some kind of octopus" and the "shelled creature." So now we have to add aquatic life to the list with robots, monkeys, and zombies right?