How I Did It Comic

By JoCo June 5, 2007

Len sends in this comic encapsulation of my long post about my quick and easy path to internet superstardom. You may want to click on it to get to the larger (and actually readable) size. The Paul and Storm likenesses are uncanny.

How JoCo Did It


Kerrin says

So now new internet artists have an easy to understand page of steps to follow.

Mike says

Very cool picture.

Er, ah, what are you wearing on the top of your head in the last panel?

Len says

That's his coonskin cap:

Gle3nn says

That was great. I know what to do now. After I find some talent, I'll get started.

Len says

On hindsight, booking agents should be in quotations. I will make that change and upload the new version.

Glenn Peters says

Or I could sneak in and nab all the glory.

JY says

No mention of TAW?