By JoCo June 1, 2007

If you have missed the LOLCats meme (the way I had until embarrassingly recently), then you may just find this confusing. I find it very funny, perhaps even funny enough to LOL. Paul and Storm have created these LOLCoultons, and you must look at them right away.


Andrine says

heh. (quietly to myself)

Andrea says

I grinned broadly. Well done, P&S!

Margaret says


made of win.

Linus says

PLEASE write an LOLcats song. Preferably as an LOLcat.

Andrea says

There's an LOLcats song at FUMP. Sadly, the person who did it is not as talented as Jonathan. I grinned, but not broadly.

Seneschal says

My site, (the greatest site on the Internet) has a picture of me and J.Coulton on the homepage.

Wilson Fowlie says

Shouldn't they be called 'Loltons'? (In the same wai that walruses->lolruses.)

Glenn Peters says

Oh man, now I want to try. Pity I don't have more photos.

Darias says

I personally prefer LOLBots to the cats.

Besides, don't robots and JoCo go better together than cats?

PonderousMan says

Oh, yeah, major points to PnS for nailing this one...

I agree that robots go better with Coulton - perhaps right after Hodgeman, but right up there, and way above cats (NYT video not withstanding)... so maybe we get LOLCoultonBots? (LOLCoBots?)

So how long before we see the first Skullcrusher Mountain LOLCoBot pic? (Kellen, are you out there?)

Len says

Here is mine:

Liza says

Those are great -and the pics are good too! Bonus!

All I hear when I see LOLCats is "Love Cats" by the Cure. A mildly tweaked cover of that would be frickin' hilarious. At least to me.

Do do do do do de do-do Dooo do do do do do do-do


Len says

I was told I got it wrong the first time, so here is my second attempt:

Luke M says

OK, next time JoCo plays the Bay Area and is hangin in the club bar preshow, I'm definitely going to work up the nerve to ask for a picture. Damn my diffidence!

Sujin says

And I thought LOLbots were made of win, but this is too perfect. Maybe JoCo and Todd the T1000 can get together sometime for the perfect LOLCoultonBot.

Jess says

Even better than Loltheorists!

Orf says

Buttsecks? No Wai.


PonderousMan says

Re: Loltheorists

Ohmygod! What a scary combination of geekdom, intellectualism, and leetspeek...

Gee, JoCo, when are you going to write a song about Postmodernism, or maybe an ode to Chomsky or Negroponte?

Keith says

Wouldn't they be LOLJOCOZ?

Spencer says

Absolutely beautiful.