JoCo in a Bubble

By JoCo June 1, 2007

Here’s me recording a new song live right now. I can almost guarantee this will be boring most of the time, and I will probably forget and pick my nose at some point. So be it!

OK, that’s it for the day. Don’t know how much of that you were able to see/hear, I could tell from the comments it was going in and out. Somewhere on there are recorded versions of some parts of this, I’ll see if I can figure it out and organize them a bit. I’m not sold on the bridge (feels too bridgey) and even if I was it doesn’t have words yet. I’ll live with it a while and see what happens – probably will be working on this again Tuesday.

Oh yeah, don’t drink Dr. Pepper – it’s disgusting!


Dave Lifton says

It doesn't seem to be working right now.

Kerrin says

Maybe he turned if off to make a sandwich or something, still NEW SONG on the way!

Mike says

I agree! I'm waiting till he finishes that snack or whatever. Anyway, new song? This sounds like something interesting since Thing a Week.

Luke M says

Cat got your Webcam?

New song ... anti-ci-pation!

Glenn Peters says

Why do I suddenly want a Dr. Pepper?

Spiff says

It's our very own Truman Show!

JoCo says

Seems to be in and out here - not sure what's up...

Andrea says

I don't know, Glenn. Hey, you going to eat those Potato Wedges?

Look, JoCo's looking at the back of the fancy equipment on his rack!

Now he's unplugging things and plugging other things in!

Gina says

Looks like there should be sound, but I'm not getting any...

Andrea says

It was silent for awhile but I think there's only sound when he's actually playing, no ambient sound. I hear sound now! Riffs! Woot!

Zach says

And... he's gone...

Jason Penney says

Pretty cool. I've always enjoyed the process of song creation. Thanks for doing this. Leaving it on in the background while I work means I'm getting occasional unexpected bursts of music, which is an interesting experience.

Janet says

OMG. This has to be the NEXT NEW THING in being a Web Machine Rock God 2.0. I am so digging this.

Devo says

way to go.

love your music.

Mike says

It's hypnotic. I can't look away.

Mike says

He just held a white piece of paper up to he camera, but I couldn't see what was on it.

Colleenky says

The server is full. Colleenky is sad. :-(

CinemaslaveJoe says

Yeah, I've been trying off and on to connect for a couple of hours, and the server has been full every time. Love the concept, but wish the server could handle the demand of all the JC fans!

Alison says

Darn - I hit refresh to see if any new messages had come up while it looked like he was going on a bathroom break... then as Colleenky says... the server's full and I can't see anymore... I was digging having the intermittent music in the background while I was working.

Janet says

It seemed like he had picked up a sharpie and written something on that piece of paper which he held up. Did anyone see an image of the paper they could read?

Cale(Khavall) says

So the first part of the verse is C# A F# Bm G#...

Cale(Khavall) says

Make that B Major.... whoops

Jeff says

That actually looks kinda frustrating. I assumed that the JoCo magic just rolled out on the first take. the song sounds great.

Alex says

This is /way/ more entertaining to watch than Big Brother :)

Colleenky says

Could maybe some of you who have been watching for a while logoff and make some room on the server for some of us who haven't seen it yet? Maybe? Please?

Colleenky says

Didn't mean to kill the conversation...

Colleenky says

I'm sorry. I'll be going now...

Glenn Walker says

This rocks, almost as much as his canary yellow tshirt...

Rachel says

I had the stream up while getting ready for an appointment. The sound quality's quite good.
It's really soothing to listen to you work. (Much more soothing than the dentist will be. )

Scott Haley says

This is really interesting. Thank you for making this available. I'm glad to hear that a new song is coming.

Luke M says

Hey, it works! Song sounds great!

This is actually really cool.

CinemaslaveJoe says

I'm with Coleenky... four hours of "The server is full" is more than a little frustrating. Oh well.

Also, Paypal is apparently having some kind of server overhaul today, which means I'm not even able to buy any JC music from this site. Grr. Not my day, apparently.

JY says

Any chance of eventually posting a video download of this later on? (since the audio for the live streaming seems to always cut in and out)

Janet says

Well, I left the site whenever I left my desk, and checked back in about four or five times with no Server Full messages at all. I feel bad for ColleenKY & CSJoe -- what's with the problems they were having? Geeks? Podcasters? Anyone?

Luke M says

OK, break time in Brooklyn.

The audio was cutting in and out. I caught that JoCo isn't sure he likes the bridge but can live with it, he's gonna add backing vocals...anyone catch the rest of his comments about the song? It's neat watching an artist work. I hope the bubble isn't too annoying.

BucketHat says

What?!?! Did I Miss it? Nooo!!!

heath says

I got to see the slightest bit of it... mostly it was cutting in and out for me. Entertaining... what I did see. I'm excited about this song.

All of this, I watched as I sipped a Dr. Pepper.

Alex says

I guess now we know what the inside of Lunar Base One looks like.

WhatIsThatThing says

For me it seems like it wasn't "cutting in and out" per se, but every once in a while, it froze for a few seconds. Not sure if that's what you mean by "cutting in and out," but that's what it seemed like to me.

Jake says

Yeah screw Dr.Pepper!

Luke M says

It wasn't freezing for me. The picture froze intermittently, but when the audio dropped out it left missing chunks, so that I only heard fragments of JC's comments before the break.

CinemaslaveJoe says


Thanks for the emotional support. :) But really, the knowledge that new JC music is on the way is enough to cheer me up. Still, I envy those of you who had the chance to "sit in" on the recording via the Internet.


Colleenky says

Janet, apparently JoCo's new server likes you better. ;-) Sorry if I sounded whiney, internets. Just got frustrated. Felt like I was in a web-version of keep-away and had traumatic flashbacks from elementary school. :-)

PonderousMan says

I was lucky enough to get in all the times I stopped by, though I too had the cut-in-and-out, which I think was really the feed clogging up... it would pause for a bit, a second or two, and then usually resume, but sometimes it seemed like it would skip to catch up (I figured this out when I noticed it skipping seconds on the clock)... Even when it seemed to be flowing fine, the sound was a bit shaky - I can tell it's about an octopus, but not sure what it's actually saying at this point.

Even with all those gaps, I gotta say I found this fascinating. I know not to expect it to all be magical, but to hear JoCo saying "I gotta get a bridge, no bridge", and watching him, fidget around it... that was awesome. for a while, it looks like he was systematically progressing through cords trying to get something to work, but then he'd get stymied and do something else for a bit. Alas, I got drawn away before he got the bridge together, so I'm hoping to see that in the captured footage.

Altogether, a great chance to see the (Scruffily Handsome) Mad Genius at work...!

gerry says

This was an interesting experience. I was traveling around a few websites, earlier this morning, to see if I could find some new music. I stopped at this one and stayed there all afternoon. I even moved the pottery I was working into the living room where I occasionally looked over at my monitor. Why? I don’t know. But it was kind of neat to have a live scene of this guy in a yellow shirt, who I will probably never meet in person, a couple of time zones away, working in his studio (well…closet) on a song that I will in the future buy from itunes, play in my van for months, store on my hard drive which will become obsolete and placed in my closet along side my cassette tapes and LP’s, discovered one day while I’m moving, plugged into an old PC I have stored next to my record player, to see what’s on it. I’ll scan the list of songs, this one will jump out—Oh YEA, I watched this guy on a video cam, put this together one afternoon. Why? I don’t know.

mdmunoz says

Coulton, you are awesome, but Dr. Pepper is very tasty.

Gle3nn says

I've been off soda for almost two months. I don't know why. It just happened. Today though I had a Dr. Pepper. I'm going back to water.

Dave says

Yeah, I love Coulton's songs and everything, but he'll have to pry the Dr Pepper out of my cold, dead, severed hands.

Dave says

When do you climb into your bubble again?

Dr. Pepper says

You, suh, have insulted my honor. *glove slap*

PonderousMan says

Ooh, a challenge... aI do believe that slap is a call for a duel.

It's the first ever JoCo-Dr.Pepper Challenge...! (Does JoCo get to choose weapons now?)

I'll be gathering wagers once the time and date are agreed. *grin*

morten says

i got a idee! why can you not begin to make a video from your self and say all thing ther at once instead writing manny thing

Laurie says


Jonathan Ramsey says

Oh, Man! I missed it!

You beat me to it. I'm getting ready to do "Band in a Pacer", sponsored by American Motors at Band in a Pacer. I'll spend the month writing, rehearsing, and recording in a sponsor-supplied vehicle, eating sponsor-supplied food (note to self: call Krispy Creme), and doing what I must in Zip-Locks and Folger's Cans.


Taylor Patterson says

That is a lie, sir. Dr Pepper is the epitome of deliciousness.