PopSci Music Video Contest

By JoCo May 29, 2007

PopSci is holding a music video contest and giving away an 80-Gig iPod with my signature laser etched into the back. Very kick-ass: lasers I’m saying!

All you have to do is create a music video for my song “I Feel Fantastic” and submit it by June 18th. Lip sync, slideshow, WoW, interpretive dance, whatever you like – the best one will win the day. Details are here on the PopSci blog.


Trampas says

IF ONLY I had some talent!!! I want!!

Spiff says

I'm 2/3 of the way through my entry. I can smell the laser etching on the back of my new 80gb iPod now... ;)

Spiff says

I'm not trying to scare off any other entrants or anything, but my video's going to be pretty great, so you may just not want to even enter. You *can*, of course, I'm just saying... Going to be great... Wouldn't want to waste your time or anything...

(please don't make a better video than me. I'm not sure I could take that) ;)

Glenn Peters says

I too, wish I had the talent (and the time) and the tools to win this.

Ben says

I misread the first sentence and thought you had a "signature laser." How kick-ass would that be?

Mike says

Spiff, or as they call you on popsci, Mark, you are the undisputed King of JoCo videos. Your only obstacle is the high bar you have already set for yourself.

That being said, I have a great idea for a video for the song. Now all I need is the free time to realize it.

Gina says

Wow - that is kinda weird. I just bought a used ipod nano from a friend - only 2 gig. The first time I used it I was listening to one of your songs and I imagined getting you to sign my ipod next time I saw you (Birchmere!). AND out of all of your songs, "I Feel Fantastic" is the only one I've imagined making a video to. I don't have the technical equipment or prowess to pull off my ideas, but maybe I'll give it a shot.

Kerrin says

Everyone should have a go. I might too, although I had started on a different video and I know I won't win. I don't even have a concept yet, dispite thinking about it for a week now. It's not the winning, it's the taking part, and the extra fans the videos will bring in. So remember to post you're videos to you tube and google videos.

I just today got told by someone that they had bought two JoCo CDs after seeing my Code Monkey video, and that made me very happy. It's worth all the effort.

Colleenky says

I'm going for live-action. Video is storyboarded. Shooting schedule is taking shape. Watch out Spiff! ;-)

Spiff says

Dang! I need more action! Throw in more sub-plots! Get Kirsten Dunst and Johnny Depp on the phone! This is going to have to be the world's first $100 million YouTube video!

Rennej says

Even though I'm not entering this contest (probably), it has inspired me to use "I Feel Fantastic" for a Movie Music Video I was planning on making. In fact, it'll will definitely work better with "I Feel Fantastic" than what I originally had chosen (Number One by Three Dog Night).

The guy formerly known as Piggy The Cat says

I Feel Fantastic is one of my favorite songs. This sounds fun. i'm gonna make one.

The guy formerly known as Piggy The Cat says

Oh Im screwed. Spiff is entering.......

Spiff says

Here's my greatest fear: this isn't an animation contest, it's for anything. I'm worried is that someone out there will just take footage of their cute kid smacking their dad in the 'nads with a baseball bat, put "I Feel Fantastic" behind it, and just walk away with the whole thing. Toss in a cat doing something cute, and it's a lock. Babies, cats, and getting hit in the nuts are video gold, and could very well win the day.

But like I said, my video's going to be pretty great, so if you're thinking of not even entering, that'd be OK too... ;)

Drewicide says

I've been silent for the few months i've been loving joco's music... and really loving it. Wish I had discovered him while he was in the midst of thing-a-week.
However, in light of a video contest, Drewicide's comin out, takin off the gloves, and jumpin in with spiff, who's work i've enjoyed. But dude, you're getting one upped.

Andrea says

Spiff, I know what you're saying... especially since I'm getting about five seconds of video per work hour. But Spiff... my animation includes... a kitty! Perhaps it is YOU who should throw in the towel! MUAHAHAHA!

Spiff says

Gah! Well, I'm leaving for a vacation soon, which means I need to have my video done, finished, and in primo shape to beat down all of you interlopers by June 8th. Because I'm going to have to post mine early, you will all, of course, watch my video, steal all the best ideas, toss in your own kitties, babies, and nut-smacking, and walk away with the crown. It will be my own Mr. Fancypants moment. :(

Colleenky says

Spiff, if it makes you feel any better, my video will contain none of those things. It'll have other - hopefully funnier - things. :-)

So do we actually get to see the submissions as they're posted?

Spiff says

They go on YouTube, so the world will be able to see them all!

Andrea says

We won't feel bad, you'd do the same to us.

Colleenky says

Hmm - I suppose so. I somehow had it in my head that the videos would be submitted *through* YouTube (and collected) rather than *on* YouTube. The internets confuse me sometimes. At any rate Spiff, I think I can safely say that wahtever you might put in your WoW video wouldn't work in mine, so the chances of me ripping off your ideas are slim to none. :-)

Spiff says

I'm looking forward to seeing all the submissions. I hope they're not too similar (that would be boring, not fantastic), given that they're all working from the same song. And I'm sure they'll all be great, just, hopefully, 99% as great as mine. ;)

Lllama says

Is this limited to the album version? I've always felt like the live version of "I Feel Fantastic" is much better, but I might be the only one.

Andrea says

I guess you'd have to ask PopSci, Lllama, but it seems like they want videos for the version of the song JoCo did for their website. So if I were you, I wouldn't risk it unless you get specific dispensation from them. Which live version would you use, though? Also, how many kitties do you intend to put in your video?

JoCo says

I think the live version would be fine actually.

Andrea says


Uh-oh... Spiff's worst nightmare! It's a cute pet video!

But some hope:
"JUDGING: Entries will be judged equally on originality, entertainment value, and technical proficiency by Popular Science Magazine editors."

That's not a very technically proficient pet video, what with the 1.3 megapixel camera. Also, the poster does not specifically say it's for the contest. But the doggie is so cute! AWWWW!

We also have another entry in, but it's sort of copyright-infringey so it might get disqualified. It's made of clips from Office Space:

I'm really not sure whether this sort of thing counts as fair use or not. Any lawyer types reading the blog?

And someone went the flip-book route... well, it's more of an index card deck. Kind of a cool idea:


There are also a couple older videos up.
An awesome lipsyncher:

And another possibly copyight-infringey one:

I don't know if they are entering. There doesn't appear to be anything in the rules against them entering a video that's been up for months...

And of course Len's Caffeinated Monster video from the Monster By Mail project:

I doubt he's entering that. But you never know.

zeedoos says

I feel so bad that I just found out about the contest. I was busy with my friend's bridal shower and making a video for the wow-ataris-machinima contest. I've had an idea for "I feel fantastic" for a while now, and was planning to make it my next project (my last JoCo project was Chiron Beta Prime). Now, I just hope I can get it done on time. If only I had another 3 day weekend!

Andrea says

I've made a YouTube playlist of all the I Feel Fantastic videos up so far. Only one of these do we know for sure is a contest entry (the "Initech" one) but I'll try and keep it updated as more entries roll in.


Bring on the awesome!

Spiff says

Boy, I thought that one with the dog would be the end of me. I forgot to mention fake crowd-cheering sound effects and cute on-screen text overlays as additional flavors of Spiff-busting kryptonite. But I'm keeping a positive attitude. ;)

Tuesday is the only day I'm going to have to finish off my video before I go on vacation, so hopefully by the end of tomorrow it'll be done and I'll post a link to it here for everyone to see. If you find random shots of puppies and babies and such scattered throughout the video, you'll know I panicked and that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong with my creative process...

Andrea says

Be strong, Spiff! Resist the puppies and babies! And especially the nad-injuries!

Man, I can't believe I'm not sick of this song yet. I've probably heard it fifty times in the past week. Well done, JoCo. Well done!

Spiff says

Here you go Internets! You can view my official submission for the video contest here:


Quake in fear! But let me ask just one favor -- please don't post any contest videos of your own that are better than mine until at least Sunday when I leave for vacation. I'm hoping to spend my vacation wrapped in the infantile delusion that I have a shot at winning the contest. I'll be back on the 20th, so you'll all know the winner before I do. Good luck! :)

Andrea says

And no kitties! Ponies and chickens though. I love the image at "still no sign of her" -- awww.

The rules seem to state that the PopSci people may take a month to determine who wins. THAT is going to be a long month.

Andrea says

Oh, look out, peeps. There's a video of a RIDICULOUSLY cute kid acting out and dancing to the song up now. This one is a definite contender. And just insanely cute.

Spiff and Mr. Adorable Dancing Child are added to my playlist for your youtubing convenience:


Spiff says

Man, that kid should really lay off all those drugs. And does his mom know he's been drinking her wine? In any case, there wasn't a kittie in the entire video, so hopefully Mr. Adorable Dancing Child won't be too much of a problem. :)

Andrea says

I don't know, Spiff. He made it all by himself though. I'm going to see if I can fit the kitty into a few more scenes of mine.

Andrea says

Ruleswise, Mr. Adorable Dancing Child could have a problem, because the rules require you to be 16 to enter. His YouTube says he's 16, but he doesn't look it... I would buy 13, maybe.

"The Contest is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia who are 16 years old at time of entry (“Entrants”)."

Though I would feel bad if he got disqualified on that, because he's super cute and obviously worked really hard.

Spiff says

I agree. Let's give him a solid second place no-prize and a hearty "good job, kid". ;)

Spiff says

No way that kid's 16.

Colleenky says

Well, Spiff, my video won't be up until pretty darn near the deadline, so you can rest easy ... for now! Mwahahahaha! ;-)

ZSandmann says

I've tossed my name into the hat. Don't really think I can seriously win it, but it took two weeks to get the shots I wanted and edit it all up. The folks at work probably wondered why I wore the same shirt several days too. :P


Andrea says

ZSandmann's video and a Flickr montage by Mike Young (AmBug666) done in Flash are now added to the YouTube playlist.


zeedoos says

I got it done - took me 5 days to complete - I had no idea that I could do it so quickly, but I'm very happy with it. So, here is your competition Spiff - it's on! ;)

zeedoos says

oops - the website would help :)


Andrea says

Playlisted! I wonder if someone's going to do one in Second Life.

Colleenky says

Got all the footage shot. Now for the editing....

Sporksmith says

Just finished a team effort submission! We dare say, it is teh awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zidiWe9yq88

-sporksmith and blackcatbonifide

Andrea says

OMG, Sporksmith and blackcatbonifide, that IS teh awesome!!!

sporksmith says

Thanks! We've been kicking around joco video ideas for a while now, and the contest finally gave us a kick in the butt to make time to actually do it. Hopefully now that we have some momentum we'll tackle some more!

Lots of other great entries! Looks like we're not the only ones who just needed a little extra push to go do this. Nervously looking forward to seeing more! :)

blackcatbonifide says

We had way too much fun filming this video. Not too mention it was an excuse to play with RC cars again and eat candy:)

Andrea says

An abridged repost of the comments that were wiped out from this entry:

Wistful realization of nontalent
Declarations of intent to try despite nontalent
Trash talk
More trash talk
Triumphant video postings
Despair-invoking cute children
Hope-rekindling rules perusal
True greatness

The YouTube playlist of all the entries I've found (and some nonentries using the same song):

And, my shiny new entry!