It’s a Major Award!

By JoCo May 23, 2007

The Park Bench has honored me by naming me “Nerd Man of the Month” for May. Is it the glasses you think?

Also, I almost forgot: I am Scanner’s “Crush of the Week.” Ladies! Please!


Average Jon says

Wow! So how does this compare to winning Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year?

JJ says

But is it frageeelay?

Mike says


Aspera says

I'm disappointed that they didn't mention why you are "Mr. May". }}:D
Or by your full name "Mr. First of May". hehehe.

Nerd man of the month is a much more coveted and meaningful and desired title. Definately more meaningful. Okay, maybe not coveted and desired, but it ought to be.

andrine says

Of the Month?! Of the Week?! I think we can do better than that.

And the May Nerd Man thing and The Park Bench... Are these related to the previously noted ?

Crushing on you for the entire Quarter, at least...

BrendaJ says

Can you blame 'em? You're just so... crushable!

Case in point:

Chris Radcliff says

EeeeeEeeeeeEEEEE!!! *swoons*

Trampas says

Someday I'll be as dreamy as you... you'll see! *Damn you internets for making me have goals!!!*

Piggy The Cat says

Next week

Crush of the week: Piggy the cat!


Piggy The Cat says

Drew says

You should get a major award for your awesome Christmas Story reference.

Preston says

Yes! Someone should give you... a statue!

Piggy The Cat says

Oh a statue well check this statue out!

Jen says

So shaggily modest of you to completely fail to mention the plug you got in Time magazine this week...,9171,1622591,00.html

You'll never be alone during Couples Skate again. Ever.

CG says

And you're #3 on's list of most viewed online press kits! Right behind George Clinton and John Gorka.

Jonathan Ramsey says


It took me a sec to remember A Christmas Story!

Oh, and rock on at Couples Skate.


Colleenky says

And now you can add "yummy" to your creds, as well as "shaggily handsome." :-)

Matt says

Congrats, sir.

One random comment: The "info" links (the cute little magnifying glasses) on /store/downloads move in and out of existence. Some that were there yesterday are not, and I'm sure a few others are now there that weren't. Rather bothersome when trying to find the lyrics.

Jess says

youll have those screaming fangirls wanting to rip you limb from limb and keep them as souvenirs in no time xD

congrats :D

Dyre42 says

Oh sure. He makes no mention of receiving the Crapomatic Institutes's Fabled Golden Cajones Award. I see how it is around here. :Þ