Brooklyn Tickets

By JoCo May 16, 2007

Since in theory I am getting a lot of New York City eyeballs here, I will reiterate this thing: I’m playing at Union Hall in Park Slope Brooklyn on Tuesday May 22, along with Jenny Owen Youngs and Wynn Walent (not all at once you understand). Tickets are on sale right here. I will play third.


Ken says

Any word on what order you will be playing in? (That is, if we're late, will we miss you?)

I want to go says

It's 21+, right?

Piggy The Cat says

On a completely unrelated topic I think there might be a lot of copyCATS tryin to pass of as me, just saying......Oh yeah and Jonathan. Feed me im gettin hungry!

BobCat says

I despise copyCATS.

Vis Major says

I like it when artists I like separately connect with one another to do shows. Jenny Owen Youngs is a trip. I first heard her when she played the Tin Angel in Philly; I liked her music & signed up for her email list. Boy, am I happy I did - she sends the most "out there" emails...

manstraw says

I first discovered Jenny Owen Young when I found her in the middle of the the 2006 SXSW many free tunes download. And then I was watching Weeds (we get those shows late in Canada), and there was her tune. She's cool beans.

Oh, and I just thought I would say I can't make the show. Sorry man. :)

Gle3nn says

Jenny Owen Young is great. I wish I was on the east coast. That's going to be a great show.
I also despise copycats. That horribly barbaric tradition of sacrificing cats to the god Xeroxes for the purpose of document duplication is just wrong.

Eric Ginsberg says

You'd better be careful, Jonathan, or someone just might make a MySpace for your cat. I mean, you know, not me, 'cause I'm lazy. But someone. (hint, hint...wink, wink...nudge, nudge...someone do it)

Bob says

Brooklyn??? Get back to us when you're playing New York City. :-p

Lhyzz says

It's a schlep for me, and I'm running around this coming week like a chicken with no head, but I am still considering going. Do you think it will be sold out, or if I decide at the last minute to go, will I have a chance of getting in?

Griff says

Ah, 21 and over. A huge bummer. I was planning on going and i had bought tickets n everything just up until i heard today that its 21 and over. I don't see the point in it being a
"adult" show. Its not like we're getting a peepshow, drinks, drugs, or anything of that nature. Its just music.

Music should be for all ears.

-Bob, Brooklyn is in New York City...and its not that far away from Manhattan (assuming you think NYC=Manhattan)

Bob says

Thanks for the geography lesson, but I live in Manhattan, so I know where Brooklyn is.

I was just being funny with the whole concept that Manhattanites think of the outer boroughs as foreign countries. :-)

Griff says

Yeah, i figured as much. I didnt mean to sound like an ass, just correcting in the event that you lived in NJ or something, and didnt know that theres 5 boroughs in NYC.

Eric Ginsberg says

Hey! I live in NJ. Wanna fight about it?

P.S. Outer boroughs ARE foreign countries.

Bob says

> P.S. Outer boroughs ARE foreign countries.

True... but don't even get me started on what we think of NJ. ;-)

Glenn Peters says

Very weird-- I just saw Jenny Owen Young opening for Vienna Teng like two weeks ago. I should have told her to say hi. Ha, not like I talked to her.

I hope Liz made it, even though Brooklyn is apparently a foreign country.