That’s a lot of Emails

By JoCo May 15, 2007

Getting a nice spike from the NY Times Magazine piece. Even though there’s no link to me in the article itself, it’s been Slashdotted, was on the front page of Digg for a while, and is now the #2 most emailed story on the NY Times website, so people are still finding their way here. In the last couple of days, Google Analytics says 89% of the visitors were new, which is great news.

The main thing people seem to take away from the article is that I get a lot of emails. While that is certainly true, it doesn’t mean that I want you to stop emailing me. You can also stop apologizing for it – we’re still friends, even though you sent me an email.


Kyle says

Sorry for the email. :P

Annie Wu says

Don't forget the Boing Boing love.

Denis Moskowitz says

I was curious about the anime music video for "Someone is Crazy" mentioned in the article, so I tracked it down - it's and it uses video from Fruits Basket.

tom in denver says

hire some help....please don't reply...i don't want the job

mai-ling says

Derek just sent out the email about the NY times article.
Interesting read...

Cograts Jonathan!

Kerrin says

From the fact that the “Someone is Crazy” video mentioned in the article was submitted to the site on the 28th March...I'm guessing that was when the interview took place.

The article is all good news. Spread the word, JoCo is awesome!

Glenn Peters says

There was also a Slashdot post yesterday that claimed you respond to all your e-mail. Recipe for trouble!

Vis Major says

Heh. I wanted to email you that I enjoyed reading the article, but I didn't want to add to your inbox. Maybe you could have two email addresses: one for "no reply necessary" and one for "reply, please."

D.J. says

I do feel a little bad when I email you, just because I know you're busy and you've been so supportive of my starting up MMS. But I don't know if that'll stop me from writing. ;)

Humor Me says

Wandered over here from the NY Times, myself. It was the Code Monkey song that sold me. Being a Code Monkey myself, it made me chuckle. Thanks!

Piggy The Cat says

My powers of luring people to the website is almost magical.

Harlie says

Just got Derek's email and checked you out. Good stuff. We also are customers of CD Baby and put out some pretty good sound. See Music at www.deepwater Shameless promotion, but what can I say. Free, quality, original music. I hope you stop by. And I hope we can ride on your coattails.

Kitty says

I've been shamelessly promoting you to all my friends. I'll just slip your name into the conversation, as if I had no burning ulterior motives. Ha! Little do they know my ultimate agenda: Jonathan Coulton EVERYWHERE!

I would also like to add that I had Ikea on my MP3 player when I needed it for a perfectly timed slipping-your-music-into-the-conversation moment. Thank you.

Bob Glaza says

I stumbled onto the article and found it a fascinating story, Jonathon - now I'm here. Best wishes and continued success.

Eric Ginsberg says

And you even e-mail me back. Good to know we're still friends (even after I screwed your events section).

Scarybug says

Concert tonight! Woo!

ted falcon says

I was moved by the NYtimes magazine article---enough to visit you and say congratulations. (Darren CDBABY--sent link)
The possibilities of connection are endless....but our energy to keep up does end.
(or does it?)
i just got back today to Los Angeles from Brazil where I've been for 5 months...
Your story of writing a song a week reminds me of Hermeto Pascoal, the Brazilian composer who created a song a day for a year. These songs have no names, just the date composed.....a tribute, or birthday song for everyone....
Thanks for the internet-life lesson.

Jack says

Sorry to be spammy, but tickets are on sale for Jonathan's Park Slope show at Union Hall (702 Union St) next Tuesday here >


Compwalla says

I have also been spreading the news about JoCo. I cannot believe he's not more, I dunno. FAMOUS. I found him via BoingBoing.

GarageSpin says

Likewise, I've been spreading the word. Congrats on the article, Jonathan!!

I'm hoping to see you in NYC next week...


dabio says

I've been planning to go to your concert in Dayton for the last month, and after reading the NY Times article, I'm even more excited. Now I'm planning on getting there a couple hours early so I can be sure to get a ticket!

Jason Green says

Hi! I got to this site from an email from Derek Sivers. It's really awesome to see an independent musicians moving up in the ranks. I wish the best for your career!


AJS says

Only thing missing from the article is the pure, unadulerated fact that Jonathan is a brilliant songwriter, and without that, there is no story. Writing one crappy song a week would have not sufficed, I suspect. I had a friend who used to say, "90% of success is showing up." And part of that isn't simply 'showing up' to answer your email, it's offering something to the world that will make sure you have a reason to get email in the first place. Some rules never change, they just get adapted. Keep it honest, JoCo!

andrine says

I have no guilt about emailing you. I know we're still friends. I'm glad. It's wonderful that you're becoming so even more famous. You won't forget us little people. You'll always be little people at heart.

Lynn says

I read the NY Times article and had also hear the NPR interview. I'm an artist/animator and have a 10 year old son who is an singer-songwriter to be. I loved what I listened to -- especially Baby Got Back and Flikr --

I'm thinking of taking an animation I made and adapting it to the song I'm Your Moon...If I had some time! The original animation is here:

Anyway - I'll be back for more!

Chris says

Question: is there a backup copy of this article I could see somewhere? I'm doing a research paper effectively on the successes of "open" artists--this could potentially be a good ref.