Cat Shot

By JoCo May 15, 2007

That Psychology Today interview is now online if you’d like to read it, and a commenter in my original post about this directs us here for the photo of me with my cat. Now you know everything.


Kyle says

Piggy is my hero.

Piggy The Cat says

Trust me Kylem, I'm everyone's hero.

Piggy The Cat says

I'm a cat I can't type very well with paws

LaVieja says

"So the headline is "Evil Geniuses Need Love Too." And while that may be a funny bumper sticker, it's also a sad fact."

Someone needs to make a T-shirt with the phrase "Evil Geniuses Need Love Too".

kathy says

"upcoming pizza party"?? no. A misunderstanding of one of your best songs, and a non-monkeyified one too.

I have that same cat by the way. He is lounging on the table right now where my laptop would be, if not for lounging cat.

Harlie says

I forgot to tell you that 'Bacteria" was a favorite of my grandchildren, 5 & 7. I had to play over and over.......... I like it too.

Andrea says

I like how you worked in personal growth when talking to Psychology Today. I also like your cat. Long and orange. Very good.

Average Jon says

It must be nice to have a cat who can type.

Mine figured out how to change the time on my clock radio (not so nice, but maybe worthy of an article in Psychology Today).

Piggy The Cat says

Hes not the one typin as me. If your sayin it like that Average Jon.

Seven says

Kathy: I, too, have that same cat. Maybe they came in a three-pack or something and got split up?