Be Reminded of These Gigs

By JoCo May 11, 2007

I’ve got a midwest trip next week: Madison on 5/16, Plover on 5/17, Chicago on 5/18 and Dayton on 5/19 – all of those with Paul and Storm. And then 5/22 I’ll be back at Union Cafe in Park Slope Brooklyn. Check my Shows page for details.

By the way, you may want to check out the Sunday Times Magazine this weekend if you want to see a picture of me without a cat (for once)…


Don Seiler says

Even Manitowoc, Wis, thinks Plover is the middle of nowhere. You need to schedule an East Coast (of Wisconsin) gig!

foXXtail says

I hope you mean 5/19, not 5/18 for Dayton, because that's when I'll be there!

Randal says

Ooo. PAX. You're gonna need a bigger merch table for 20,000-odd gamers.

LSK says

Darn, darn, darn. I'm not able to make the Chicago gig, because I'm Jewish and it's Friday night. Come again soon, please!

Average Jon says

Have Paul and Storm ever been west of the Mississippi?

Dan Coulter says


Did you mean to say that the Chicago show would be on the 18th and Dayton on the 19th?

Adri says

Guess who's going to be at the Chiiicaaaaaaago show???!


We'll be apartment hunting that weekend-- maybe I will get to see a real live show!

JoCo says

Dan: yup.

Paul and Storm says

Average Jon: is that a koan?

Yes, we have, and plan to be more so soon.

Thanks for asking!

Paul and Storm.

Jen says

I'm gonna be at the Plover show... wooooooooo!

Kita says

I actually just read that article. That's how I heard about you and this site, and it's really cool. I've already listened to a few of your songs, and you're really good(like you haven't been told this a million times i'm sure). It's just so cool how you've set up a career like this. I've listened to other internet bands and artists, and I have to say, you are by far my favorite. At the risk of being annoyingly cliche, keep rocking; it seems like people will keep listening.

ZSandmann says

Any chance of a Baton Rouge or New Orleans show ever? We'd love to have you in Louisiana.

Marysusan says

There was no cat in the picture...but there was major cat-tage in the video on the Times website.

Jenny says

Yep... just read the article. Husband's a code monkey and so we came to check out the song (figuring it would be meh). Actually, it was pretty great. Best of all, my four month old seemed to really dig it. Now I'm wondering if there are enough songs with crossover appeal to babies to make a cd for him...

Jillian says

Come back to Northern Virginia or DC - or Boston/Cambridge once the school year starts :)

Jonathan says

Looking forward to the Plover show. It's about a 3 hr drive from Milwaukee, but I have a friend who lives near by :) I'm just hoping I get my tickets in time!

Randal says

According to the article and comments, it seems the best check of "Hit Song" potential is with the toddler set. Maybe you should set up some focus groups at a nearby daycare.

AJS says


Check out August 31 at the fabulous Birchmere in Alexandria VA! It's the best and biggest listening room in the country.

Piggy The Cat says

Haha Jonathan who would want to see a picture of you without ME!

Mike Caron says

Did anyone record the Madison show? I'm so bummed that I missed that!

Oromin says

Mike--There were a number of people who recorded individual songs at the Madison show, but I don't know if any of the recordings have made it online. My phone doesn't really do anything but make calls and my digital camera doesn't have a flash, so I couldn't do anything more than write down a list of what JoCo played, but you're welcome to that if you're interested.

The show was awesome, and JoCo said he plans to come back here again, so you'll probably have another chance sometime!