Spiff Marches On

By JoCo May 8, 2007

Good old Spiff has been neglecting his guild again, spending time instead on this new World of Warcraft video for Betty and Me. I notice he went a little easy on the “adult situations,” perhaps feeling the chilling effects of the recent First of May take-down on YouTube. Thanks Spiff!


Spiff says

Damn. My agent said that once you work blue you get typecast forever. Looks like he was right. ;)

Aspera says

Nah, but that's when you kill your agent, bury him in your neighbours yard while they are on vacation and get a new agent. Nice video, I thought the level of yiffyness was appropriate and proportional to the focus of the song, that the relationship with Betty and Dr. martin isn't exactly hidden but it not spelled out explicitly, so the sad fellow who is singing the song is just dense enough to miss it.

And I really liked your SpeedMonkey video too. I didn't see that mentioned here on the blog before, so I thought I'd point it out that people should see that one too.

Eric Ginsberg says

Yeah, so, uh, sorry I somehow managed to screw up your Shows page. Don't know how I did it or how to undo it. I'm a bad Code Monkey. When you get a chance, if you could help me fix it so that a) the problem is solved and b) I know how to avoid making it happen again, that'd be great.


Allison says

Unrelated to the video (though it's great!), I was at a showing of the DC 48 Hour Film Project and "First of May" came on over the credits of one of the films! It got some big laughs from the audience, and the filmmakers gave you a big, prominent credit. Way to make it onto the big screen!

Ian Kahn says

I was at Pop!Tech when JC wrote Betty and Me overnight and played it, with Dr. Martin in the audience, the on the third day [N.B. it was actually a different Dr. who had spoken about fun with genetics, but his name was less melodic, as I recall]. It was absolutely brilliant in the context of the conference...and remains so today. A certain sign of greatness.

I am, I'll admit, biased. My wife and I (who met at Pop!Tech) used Mandelbrot Set and Skullcrusher Mountain at our wedding reception. Keep up the great work. /ijk