Some Press

By JoCo May 4, 2007

This lovely thing about little ol’ me appeared in the Boston Herald on Wednesday – thank you Jed. There were big crowds at both the Northampton and Boston shows, so we see again how getting press in these “news-papers” can actually help a guy.

And you psychologists will already know this, but there’s an interview with me (and a picture of me with my cat in my kitchen) in the current issue of Psychology Today in the section “Eccentric’s Corner.” Sheesh, you write a couple of songs about robots and monkeys and suddenly you’re eccentric. I can’t find a link to the article online anywhere, but it’s the May-June issue. The picture alone is worth buying the issue – my cat looks great.


Dave says

I heard it took the picture of Tom Brady wearing a Yankees hat to knock you off the front page...

Philip says

Here's the image from the article.

Sparky says

The cat looks fabulous!

Damon says

Weird thing happened on Friday. I read about Psychology Today and thought "Huh, that's cool. Too bad no linky -- I doubt I'll get a chance to see the article."

Then, on the way home from work, I stopped by the supermarket while bopping along to "The Future Soon" (still need to develop that video idea I have). Walking by the checkout lanes, what did I see but Psychology Today on display next to People and Time magazine. I got to see your cat and that your kid has the same Leapfrog magnet system my kids have on our fridge.

How strange is that? I never would have thought Psychology Today would be an impulse-buy item at the checkout lane.

Stay shiny!

CG says Paul and Storm pointed out during their set, Johnny D's is in Somerville, not Boston. Locals maintain that Boston's across the river and a world away.

Average Jon says

I'm surprised that JoCo doesn't have a Fridge Farm. We've got one, and my 2 year old son loves it.

It has the front and back of five different animals that your child can recombine. My son's favorite is the half pony half ducky (too bad monkeys aren't farm animals).

It's the perfect toy for every toddling future mad scientist!


minimo says

Wow, Joco, your place is even smaller than I would have thought!