Johnny D’s Live

ByJoCo May 3, 2007

Well, there were lots of audio problems during Paul and Storm’s set – I was taking a feed off the board and we had some impedance mismatch problems that made it sound horrible. As a result, all of Paul and Storms set was pretty unlistenable – I spent most of it in front of the computer trying to figure out what the problem was, and got it fixed literally just as they were taking their bows, as you’ll see. Below is them bowing, the intermission, and then my show. I am very small. Could do with a better camera I suppose. If anybody out there actually watched this as it happened, let me know how it looked and sounded for you.

[I should mention that in the video below nothing happens for about 27 minutes, then it cuts off after one and a half songs. I think my computer went to sleep. Obviously there are things I could do to improve this next time. This time: complete disaster.]


ArrantPrac says

I was watching last night, and the video cut out halfway through Mandelbrot Set. It's the same with the video here, I can't get past the 35:54 mark. :(

I do hope this can happen again though when all the bugs get worked out, it was pretty fun! Even with your Paul and Storm robots malfunctioning :P

Zac says

So for those watching, Jonathan comes to the stage in the 27th minute. I didn't watch those 27 minutes. Something exciting may have happened there, I don't know. And yeah, the video says it's over at 35:54.

Dave says

Well, Jonathan is about to say "Math at Yale" when the whole thing stops. I suspect some sort of foul play from the other place, so near to the show.

JoCo says

Oh crap, that stinks. OK, well, live and learn I guess.

winegeek says

JC-When you were on stage with Paul and Storm, you said someone had called the club saying the internet feed audio was terrible, and that her ears were bleeding...well, that was me! What you may not know is that, aside form all the painful distortion, there were some truly hallucinogenic auditory moments before you fixed the audio. Kinda neato. But, not as cool as your actual 1 1/2 songs. Here's to hoping for a few more tunes next time!

GrumpierThanThou says

Perhaps it would have worked if you'd been using Linux...

Dwight Spencer says

I'm completely new to your music; I tripped over your Code Monkey song on You Tube yesterday and proceeded to travel through your entire discography ... I hope you would consider taking a west-coast "tour" some summer soon. Your work is incredibly enjoyable and fun listening. From Portland, Oregon and the ASP.NET world ...

Average Jon says

This is how it starts...

First your computer disobeys you by falling asleep in the middle of a show; next thing you know it'll be sitting in your sitting in your favorite chair making a fist one finger at a time.

Luke M says

I'm sure it'll get better, and we appreciate the effort.

Javier says

I was hoping the video feed would be functional and elegant, but when I tried to watch it, the output stink!

Eric Collins says

I didnt have to do the feed as I attended the show and just wanted to thank you for the extra effort to bring a great set to the web - also my gf thinks you may be the long lost brother of the flaming lips Wayne Coyne - maybe you guys should take a vaudville non- brother, brother act on the road.