Albany Show Cancelled

By JoCo May 3, 2007

Ouch! Due to various miscommunications and general misalignment of various stars and planets, there will be no JoCo and Paul and Storm show on Friday in Albany. I’m sorry to everyone who was planning on soft rocking with me, but it was a last minute thing that came together and then fell apart. Just let me know if you were affected by this and I will personally come to your house, cook you a nice dinner, and say that I am sorry.


unab says yeah...even though we're in L.A., we are very personally and adversely affected by this cancellation but we'll suffer through with your generous offer, shall we say next Saturday at 7? =P

Rachel says

Alas! Ethan and I couldn't make it to Northampton last night (I had class) but we were contemplating trekking to Albany tomorrow. Except now I suppose we're not.

Allow me to turn your invitation on its head. Should you ever find yourself between Northampton and Albany again, our house is right on the way. We like to cook. We like you. Consider yourself invited for dinner anytime. :-)

Debbie says

Dude, I was really seriously going to that ... even though I was just at the Iron Horse last night.

(It's not stalking if you haven't filed a restraining order, right?)

Also, AWESOME show last night; hope you're not feeling worse today. I send your throat good vibes and herbal thoughts.