Also, I Meant “Addendum”

ByJoCo May 2, 2007

I sent a mass email to the entire list yesterday and spelled “amendment” with two M’s. I am ashamed.

Heading up to Northampton this morning in the Paul and Storm Mystery Machine – get ready to rock, Five-College Consortium…


Glenn Peters says

Take heart, this was the Webster word of the day:

brackish • \BRACK-ish\ • adjective
*1 : somewhat salty 2 a : not appealing to the tasteb : repulsive


The second show at the Iron Horse this week that I'm sad to miss,

Jonah says

Amendment *has* two m's in it! And we, your anal-retentive fans, did not let you forget it last night at the Iron Horse.
Great show!

Leigh Quenin says

Despite your inability to spell, the show was absolutely fantastic. Thank you ever so much.

David says

Don't beet yourself up over it. None of us is prefect. Just use a spell checker like I doo.

(ps: "burdgeoning" on the "More Awesomeness" page)