Show Update

By JoCo May 1, 2007

First of all, looks like there will be a Brooklyn show this month:

Tuesday May 22
Brooklyn, NY
8 PM at Union Hall
With Jenny Owen Youngs and Wynn Walent

Second, here are the details on the Madison, WI show:

Wednesday May 16
Madison, WI
8 PM at Cafe MontMartre
With Paul and Storm


laura says

this is the best first of may present ever! a show in madison, wi... literally 5 blocks from mi casa is a dream come true. AND the show in chicago, finals week is gonna rock.

Jen (midwifemonkey) says

I'm crushed... the madison show was announced AFTER I caved and bought the $40 Plover tickets.... and it's only a 45 minute set at the Plover benefit. *sob* I'd just go to the Madison show instead or in addition, but I have to work that night.

Em says

can anyone tell me the nearest subway stop to Union Hall? (I'd be coming from Penn Station.)
and I checked out Jenny Owens Young - she has a great sound, too - looking forward to this!

Em again says

Union Hall is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, right off the corner of 5th Avenue on Union Street.

R train to Union Street. Walk 1 block east.

F train to 4th Avenue. Walk north on 4th Ave and turn right on Union Street. 1 block up.

Q, 2, 3, 4, 5 trains to Atlantic Avenue. Walk south on 5th Ave. Make a left on Union Street.