Johnny D’s Live Streaming Video

By JoCo May 1, 2007

As an experiment (which is very dangerous and may get me killed!) I am going to try streaming the show at Johnny D’s live to the internet. Hard to predict if it will work without actually being there to test it ahead of time, but my fingers are crossed, and tests I’ve done at home using various configurations seem to work out just fine. Paul and Storm go on at 9:30, at which point I will be broadcasting but probably still messing with the camera. I’ll be on sometime after that. If you’d like to watch, just tune your browser to here:

For those of you who’d like to embed this on a web page or plaster it up on a surface in SecondLife, you can find the code to do that on that page. Wish me luck!


Lindsay says

hm, well i guess that kind of makes my plan to tape your show myself kind of moot... and i was going to use the real camcorder this time rather than my point and shoot digi cam.

will you only be streaming it or are the clips going to be youtube-d later? if they arent i may stick to my original plan... :)

looking forward to seeing your show again (coincidentally i'll be in the appropriate towns to catch both your thursday and saturday shows this week... i feel like some sort of random jo-co groupie - i guess i'm just lucky my friend's birthday falls on the same day as your trip to the roch)

p.s. if you get a chance at RIT get them to let you check out the lazy river in the field house... such fun :)
p.p.s. i'm really rather excited to see the ASL interpreters do your songs, nothing funnier than making them swear, so First of May should be great!

sindex says

Woot... tonight!