Extra, Extra

By JoCo April 24, 2007

Tomorrow night I’m doing a photo shoot for something that will appear in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. Huzzah! I’ll tell you later. For now, I’m looking for a couple of people (exactly two actually) who can be extras, just hanging out in the background, most likely pretending to work on a laptop while they sip coffee and steal wifi. You would have to be in Park Slope from about 6:30-9 Wednesday night, dressed in your regular clothes, enjoying your coffee. If you’re interested, send me an email through the contact link up there on the top of this page.


Glenn says

You'll probably get a million people saying yes to this, but I'll contact my friend actually in New York that I recently turned on to your music, just in case.

Sujin says

You'll also probably get a million comments saying they'd love to if they lived in the area. Like me. :)

Glenn says

Note that I refrained from saying that. It took a monumental effort. But New York nearly killed me the last time, I'm not ready to give it another chance.

Sadly, no dice with my New York contact, she's busy.

Bob says

crap crap crap crap.

I'd be all over that, but I'm going to be in New Jersey at the Stephen Lynch concert. It would have been cool too, because I've got this great bumper sticker on my laptop that says "Will Code for Food".

On the other hand, I'm *massively* unphotogenic, so I suppose it's all for the best. :-)

Darias says

"On the other hand, I’m *massively* unphotogenic, so I suppose it’s all for the best."

But aren't most people that hang out in coffee shops?

Oh, and /ditto Sujin.

Natascha says

Not only am I available, I live and work in Brooklyn. My love of coffee is an added bonus. All I need to know is which coffee shop in Park Slope (lord knows there are too many for me to wander from shop to shop) and I'll be there.

Average Jon says

Is this coffee shop anywhere near the Khlav Kalash cart?

Javier says

No way I can make to NYC to help out, but since I talked to the reporter, I think I did my part. You'll recognize my contribution in the line "And one particularly deranged fan ..."

Zinzy says

Hey Jonathan! I just bumped into your website after accidentally clicking one of the del.icio.us links on Dooce, and I have to hand it to you - 'You oughta know' just sucked the last half a gallon of tears straight out of me!
AMAZING! Very good! I can actually understand what the song is about now.
You've got that Damien Rice kinda spark, it's good!
See, Dooce is the source to humanity.
Keep it up!

Radien says

This was never a possibility for me, but sometime this week I will enjoy a mocha while using Wifi as a toast to your photo session. :)

(I'm usually not in a good position to steal Wifi, since I don't often take my laptop with me when I get coffee...its name is "Lappy 486" for a reason)

Joan says

That's great that you scored some page space in the Time's Magazine! I'll keep an eye out for it =)

C4bl3Fl4m3 says

I n+1 the "I wish I was in NYC" right now comment. Oh, and not just 'cause of this thing with JoCo. I love the Big Apple. :-)

Glenn says

Pharyngula is doing Music for evilutionists, and it makes me think of you.

tllgrrl says

Imagine my absolute delight when, while driving home, I tuned in to a local radio station's computer program and heard JoCo singing.
I'd NEVER heard JoCo on the radio here...or anywhere.
In fact, for a few minutes I thought I was mistaken about who was singing, but the doubt quickly went away.
The song (which was something about where laptops go to die?) ended and the hosts were laughing and gave the URL to this site.
I'm really happy that they did that.
I only hope the NY Times brings more exposure.
You deserve it.

Jess says

I'll ask my mom. :>

Eric Ginsberg says

May I be the first to officially wish you a happy first of may? Don't answer that; it was rhetorical.

Eric Ginsberg says

Goddamn your time-zone setting! We're not in Alaska!

Justin says

Pretty good First of May present to have a "Code Monkey" video featured on YouTube! Congrats!

Natascha says

When will the article run? I keep looking, but not picture... oooohhhh the anticipation!!!