Attention Lovers of Talking

By JoCo April 24, 2007

It is time for you to check out this growing but already big-enough-to-overwhelm collection of free lectures from around the web: Listening To Words. All kinds of kwazy stuff in there, including at least one lecture relating to bears. Yet somehow, impossibly, none about monkeys. Even I am in there, though technically singing songs does not a lecture make – I suspect some rules were bent (I know a guy).

The really nice thing about listening to lectures when you get to be my age is that you don’t have to take notes or worry about the paper you’re going to write. I’m done with school suckers!


Glenn says

Nothing about squid either. What's up with that?

Em says

Great Link - thanks; and if you want to learn something in way more depth than you ever imagined, this site with free lectures from Berkeley has the complete course lectures for some really wonderful classes.
My favorites are Physics for Presidents, and Drugs and the Brain.
(this is the last Fall list, there are Spring ones up an running now.)

listeningtowords guy says

...Yet somehow, impossibly, none about monkeys

We aim to please.

(still working on squids)

Michael says

Are too monkeys there --

Rafe says

I have to disagree. The 6th most popular ecture is called

It's Every Monkey for Themselves