Shows in May

By JoCo April 23, 2007

Just sent this email out to the mailing list, but just in case you’re not on it:

Hello peoples. It’s been a very quiet April, but it will be a rather
busy May. Lookout! Please note especially the time change for the RIT
show on May 5th – turns out we were competing with a Ben Folds show on
campus, which seemed pretty dumb.

Wednesday May 2
Northampton, MA
7 PM at Iron Horse Music Hall
With Paul and Storm

Thursday May 3
Somerville, MA
9:30 PM at Johnny D’s
With Paul and Storm

Friday May 4
Albany, NY
10:30 PM at The Comedy Works
With Paul and Storm

Saturday May 5
Rochester, NY
3 PM at the Webb Auditorium at RIT
With Paul and Storm plus RIT’s Surround Sound
Complicated ticket information: Tickets are now available from the
Candy Counter located in the Student Alumni Union Lobby (Bldg 4, room
1335). The tickets are $12 from the Candy Counter, $15 at the door.
The Candy Counter phone number is (585) 475-5210, and is open
Mon-Fri, 9:00-4:00pm. It accepts cash, check, MasterCard, and Visa.

Wednesday May 16
Madison, WI
Café Montmarte (pretty sure anyway: more details to come)
With Paul and Storm

Thursday May 17
Plover, WI
7:30 PM at Memories Wedding and Banquet Hall
With Paul and Storm
This is a benefit for the Boys and Girls clubs of Plover, WI, and so
it is in a banquet hall and costs $45 (or $80 per couple).

Friday May 18
Chicago, IL
7 PM at Schuba’s
With Paul and Storm

Saturday May 19
Dayton, OH
9:30 PM at Canal Street Tavern
With Paul and Storm

That’s all for now. Happy Spring everybody! And next time you enjoy a
“scone and a large house blend” please think of me. I certainly am.



Lori says

What? No concert scheduled for May 1? I guess everyone will be pretty busy that day. Good thinking.

laffo says

No shows in the city? When will you be playing New York again? And I don't mean upstate. . .

Shruti says

Chicago and Dayton are both 18+.

Shruti says

I suppose it would be asking far too much of you to stop over in West Lafayette, IN, between Chicago and Dayton, and doing a concert for people of all ages (actually, 16+ would be great) that Saturday morning/afternoon or something. Even though it *is* on the way. Kind of. I think. I'd totally give you money if you did. And I'm sure a bunch of my friends would too. Actually, that'd probably only total to about twenty people. I guess it would not be profitable, ever. This is just me fantasizing.

Natascha says

How about a New York City show?!?! I'd love to see you, but driving from Brooklyn into Albany on a Friday night is out of the question.

Plus, wouldn't it be nice to have a show closer to home?

Please, please, please!

Zac says

The May 17th show is actually $40 per person. I've already bought a ticket. I just don't know if they're going to mail it to me, or if I should just show up that night. Hearing that you are going to be in Madison the previous night is also interesting. I have friends in Madison. Maybe I'll be a groupie, following you all over the state (for those two shows).

Dan Coulter says

Yay! Schubas on my birthday! I'm so there.

Jeff says

Duuuuude! Come back to Aremore/Philly!

Chris Ross says

Man, I'm actually going to have to go all the way to New York to see you, aren't I? Caaaannnnaaaddddaaaaaa...

Ken says

What? No concert scheduled for May 1?

I'll second that. It would be a great way to celebrate the first anniversary of my first JoCo show. (I was at the Mo Pitkins show last year.)

Scarybug says

Well, my wife and I will come to the Madison show if you become more sure about it!

Radien says

For me, this will be the first time I see the 1st of May since I heard JoCo's song of the same name.

I feel like a virgin defiled...

(Yes, I saw the music video)

JMRS says

Yes, please do come to Madison! My friends and I are quite excited, even if it is on a school night.

Jess says

Have fun in Noho, my hometown away from hometown. Get a Herrell's smoosh-in for me!

(The Haymarket is the best place for an actual scone and an actual large house blend, by the way.)

Jarod says

See you at Schubas ;)