By JoCo April 23, 2007

Take a look at the most recent episode of NBC’s “Raines” and let me know if Jeff Goldblum’s opening lines sound familiar.

Yes, this was official and I knew it was happening, so I will not be suing anybody. This time…


Spiff says

I guess I'm an idiot, because I watched it twice, and the opening line doesn't sound familiar to me at all -- "I should have been a lion tamer. Those guys get all the girls". (?)

heath says

It's from Bozo's Lament, Spiff.

tomfoolry says

Spiff: Not an idiot, just in danger of having your JoCo fanboy card revoked :)


Glenn says

I wish I could get Jeff Goldblum quoting me. Looks like an interesting show, pity I don't have much slack for new TV.

Zach says

I hope youze got paid--or that the whole episode is released under a CC license.

Spiff says

Don't take my fanboy card away! I'll go memorize every line of every single JoCo song right now. You can quiz me later. ;)

ucblockhead says

Huh. I watched and I watched, but not once did Jeff Goldblum say "Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result"

Kristen says

Dang, man, you ARE everywhere. Yesterday the NYT, today a TV police procedural, where will you crop up tomorrow?

Sujin says

Hey, it really is hard being a clown. And I'm thinking everyone's looking up that line now, just to see where it came from.

Randal L. Schwartz says

Re: "Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result" - that's what you get for using MySQL instead of a database!

Javier says

You don't have to go do all that to atone. Your penance shall be to make a WoW video for Bozo's Lament. ;-)

Owl Butt says

Re: that’s what you get for using MySQL instead of a database!
You said it brother! Whatever the hell it means, you said it.

Andrine says

This makes me think of a dream I once had about the best job in the world, where I was visiting this office to see if I wanted to work there. My dream boss was showing me around and I asked, "Is the office environmentally friendly?" The boss says, "Not only is it an entirely green building, but we forbid the use of tobacco or perfume anywhere on the premises, every desk has an air filter and water purifier." Ok, so I ask about alternative transportation. Boss: "Every employee gets not only a bus pass for themselves and every member of their family, but also a brand new high-tech bicycle." I'm thinking, I like this place. So they invite me to their company party and it's in this penthouse apartment where all the food is amazingly delicious and hypoallergenic and not fattening. I'm awed by the amazingness of this company's commitment to employee health and well being, so I tell the boss that his apartment is fab and the food is tremendous. He says, "Not only that, but if you want to you can sleep with my wife." I'm a little taken aback, but I say, "What does your wife think about this?" And he says, "Let's ask her, here she is now." And in walks Jeff Goldblum. "That's your wife?" It is. So I say, "Ok, that sounds good to me," And off we went. At that point I was ready to take the job, no matter what it was. I woke up laughing aloud. See, it wasn't entirely a non sequitur...

Kerrin says

I didn't see Jeff, unless he was the text "We're sorry, but the clip you selected is not available in your location"
That certainly didn't sound familiar!

I hate being in the wrong country to be a JoCo fan sometimes!

Paul says

I guess NBC hates Firefox - all I got was that stupid Chase advert and then all of my open windows froze.